🆗Live map view🆙location warning and timestamp problems

According to this post, I may have confirmed the problem.

[What someone knows]

【Test content】

  • Forget radio pairing
  • Reboot a phone
  • Clear the app cache
  • Bug reporting in test environment 1

[Test environment 1]

  • Meshtastic firmware : ttgo-lora32-v1-JP-0.7.8
  • APP ver : 0.7.80
  • Phone : OnePlus One(Android 5.11)
  • Username : Administrator

[Test environment 2]

  • Meshtastic firmware : ttgo-lora32-v1-JP-0.7.8
  • APP ver : 0.7.80
  • Phone : SOYES XS(Android 6.0)
  • Username : Guest

You have to check this box, in order to use the map view.

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Thank you for a quick answer💡

yep what @aHVzY2g said. But to elaborate: the ‘free’ map provider plan we are on implicitly does (‘anonymized’) analytics whenever their map pane is on, because of that (and not wanting to mislead people). I disable the map view when you have disabled analytics. That’s what that warning message is saying.

Someday would could either switch to a different map provider or pay for commercial access (which doesn’t do analytics). But someone would need to code this up.

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With these posts, I tested again in the same environment and found that the problem with live map view was resolved.

Thank you @aHVzY2g and @geeksville.
However, several problems reported at the time were not resolved.
Now that I know that these are not related to the problem with live map view, we’ll report them on the same topic.

[What someone knows]

[Test environment 2] Problem

Forgive me if this isn’t the correct thread for this, but the map view would show my devices initially, but they would not update or refresh locations. I had to reboot my Android device in order for it to refresh the location. Is there a manual way in forcing a map location update?

the map view should be updating location periodically when the devices change position. But there is an open bug related to this:

how often do the nodes send their location to each other?