Question from a new user - can y'all help answer?

Just trying out this project today for the first time. So not sure if any of these issues have already been reported or i am even posting in the right place.
TBEAM0.7 EU. 0.9.1 I have 2 TTGO’s the message is hard to read as the it spans the yellow and blue part of the LCD screen. Also the GPS location is not working just a ? in the circle. The battery level is reporting 155% and above. Pitty the Bluetooth pairing needs a code. As then the app could just connected to the nearest device if there was a mesh in that location. So anyone with the app might get to send a msg even when not local to their own Lora device. Or use wifi on the esp32’s with all SSD’s and passwords the same. Looking forward to getting involved with this project. Because i could see so many applications for it. I created a mesh that connected Lora esp’s together as trackers that would broadcast their location to each other as rider trackers. txt messaging when there is no network coverage was my next step. But did not have the skills to write phone apps. My ideal mesh would be phone would txt out over normal network if available and also via lora. An acknowledge received via either method. Also a mesh packet system that would attempt to relay messages via lora or 4g or wifi as available, I know that routing while using 4g or wifi however these is out of scope for this project. But as long as the msg contained the sender telephone number and the receiving number. This could be done via a third party website interface. Also if this was achievable, Then solar powered static wifi stations could be located on hill tops to gain txt service to none service areas. For users to see it’s Wifi and log into it’s landing page to fill in fields with sender number, msg and recipient no. Then relay that info to other static stations until it finds a phone device that is connected via lora to forward to the txt msg service online. Or via a static station that is connected via wifi to the internet. Big wish list , and am sure these ideas have been bounced around before.
Nice project so far. Normally write my own code for these things. Could code a fix myself. Never been involved with a community project, and would not know how to keep up or submit and keep in step with version changes.


This sounds like it might be an issue with the lcd,

Even outside my devices can take a long time to get a fix, I don’t know if this is a hardware or software issue.

@geeksville has mentioned here "progress bar", no gps, etc - #21 by geeksville
“The tbeam0.7 doesn’t have a software accessible pmu”

I can see merit in these things under different circumstances, but there are so many different things that everytime I delve into it I come up with more things that are related.
I think unsecured bluetooth might be an issue, I don’t know if it can be secured from people modifying the configuration if they have bluetooth access.
I think if @geeksville gets MQTT support embedded Proposal for global messaging support then all these ideas could be built on top of meshtastic really easily, but I think you are probably right about them been out of scope for the base project.
The only concern I would have with opening it up so much to users just connecting adhoc is exceeding the duty cycle on the frequencies in use.

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Thanks for the reply. Looks like your display is just blue while mine is blue/yellow . So i have just ordered an all blue. As regard battery voltage level, might be worth dropping the battery code off the code for this board then. Unless it can be done by a jumper from battery voltage and A/D pin.But being a 3.3v board and 4.7v battery, I suspect it would need a voltage divider circuit.

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I tried a two color display once, and also noticed it made one line of the message hard to read.

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re tbeam 0.7 battery level - yep. that’s a bug ;-). It will be fixed sometime soon (my two day break from meshtastic coding became a four day break :wink: - but I’ll be back at things tomorrow. And the other devs are busily making various other improvements)