1.1.48 of the device code is ready for alpha testers

Some good (but not urgent) fixes in here:

  • @mc-hamster added support for the ttgo lora32 1.3 board
  • @mc-hamster exposed radio frequency through his json web api
  • @sachaw fixed a bit of malformatted JSON
  • Position broadcasts are now sent even if we don’t have a GPS lock, this should dramatically cut the time required for new nodes to learn the mesh.
  • We were not properly broadcasting the positions of nodes that were marked as “fixed_position”
  • Firmware updates now disable the lora radio during the update, we also show an “updating” screen on the screen.
  • (Related to the very brief 1.1.47 alpha release) make failures due to hitting MAX_THREADS fatal (rather than silently ignoring), and bump max_threads to 32

Any feedback appreciated.

(btw - note on my work queue: I spent the last week fixing github bugs and the reliability is looking pretty good. I’m now going to spend twoish weeks finishing some support for new boards and (hopefully) get the first release of the internet messaging/mqtt feature out there)


Thanks! Really great work.
I’m very much looking forward to the MQTT implementation, as I’m considering using an MQTT broker and node-red to create some gateway type integrations with Signal or Matrix.


I think markers have been disappearing from the map again. Either the app or the device should store a memory of the last known location, but maybe have a way for the user to filter out very old locations by age.


Ooh great point, my ‘improvement’ would cause that. Would you mind filling a bug so I don’t forget (I’m overnight hiking tonight)