Problem with connection to Meshtastic on Android 11

I cannot connect to the Meshtastic on android 11. (phone Pixel 2).

  • make sure WiFi is not enabled on the device (this disables BT)

  • check if your device is paired in Android Settings > Bluetooth & device connection

  • if the app has no prior connection history with the device, location permission granted and GPS enabled may be required for bluetooth scan/discovery

Sorry you didn’t understand what I ment ;Between LoRa device there I s no communication, not between cellphone and lora

Please tell us more about your setup. How many devices do you have? How did you configure them?

Include anything else you can think of.


between cellphone and lora.

Thank you! I turned on the GPS and the connection was restored.

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I got the same problem, not used the Tbeam for over 24 hours, try connecting not possible to find the Tbeam over BT.
Must go on the roof, open de box, reset it to get BT connect again to APP.
Is it in sleep mode?
To let find or connect to BT, how to remote activate the unit again?

Did you ever get this figured out? I have the same problem with units going to sleep. I cannot tell if the problem is on the phone side or t-beam side.