Bluetooth visibility

The Meshtastic app on my phone doesn’t see the tbeam devices. The phone sees them in Bluetooth settings and will even pair, but the app is blind. Ive tried different versions, going all the way back to apk1.2.53 I’ve tried pairing them with the phone first, and leaving them unpaired. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count. Ive made sure the app has all the bluetooth permissions clicked (ON). I dont know what else to do. It worked a couple weeks ago but today I got nothing. Is this an android 12 problem? I dont recall wether or not I had them working after the update. My other andriod devices work, but my phone (the most important and convenient device for me to use) doesnt.

what brand/model? unfortunately a few android 12 phones do things they shouldn’t and there is no workaround. I’ve seen android 8+ phones still need location enabled for pairing (when it shouldn’t), so keep that in mind.

use either android app versions 1.2.52 or 1.2.59+

I recommend you uninstall, forget the device bluetooth connection, then and try the following.

Bluetooth troubleshooting:

→ Try first:

  • click “None (disable)” & reconnect using the (+) button

→ if (+) button is not enabled:

  • go to Android Settings > Apps > Meshtastic > Force close
  • reopen app and reconnect using the (+) button

→ if (+) button is still not enabled:

  • click “None (disable)” & force close app
  • Forget device Bluetooth pairing in Android Settings
  • reset LoRa device
  • open App & connect using the (+) button

Thankyou, I have a setting on my phone that turns off (sensors) it deactivates the camera and microphone, to thwart spyware. It apparently disrupts the permissions of the Meshtastic app. When you mentioned location settings being a requirement I tried turning it off and it worked. I also had my location setting turned off as well.