Android bluetooth not restarting

I was wondering if anyone has observed something similar:

I have uploaded firmware, and am running the app on 2 phones. Before the modules go to sleep, I can successfully send messages back and forth, see location and change channels.

But, on the older of the phones (running android 5.1.1), after the TTGO goes to sleep, the bluetooth on the phone switches off, and cannot be switched back on!

The meshtastic app asks for permission to restart bluetooth, but it never restarts.

Any assistance appreciated.


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What is the model of the older phone?

One of the weaknesses of android is a lot of vendors tweak or even make a totally custom implementation of the bluetooth drivers. And especially for the no name Chinese clones (often with pirated Google Play) those drivers are often super buggy. (I used to work for Android)

Here’s an example of what I found recently on a super cheap clone:

It is a Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 - model number SM-G388F

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I was able to connect,

but I checked the same problem.

However, I would have liked to have the option to disable radio sleeping for some phones as I have to reboot the phone every time I reconnect.

[What someone knows]

  • This problem is a bug in the phone, so fixing the app won’t solve it.
  1. Forget radio pairing
  2. Reboot a phone
  3. Clear the app cache
  4. Launch an app
  5. Sometimes it doesn’t work well, just try again!

[Test environment 1]

[Test environment 2]Problem

Sorry about that. Yes, you will have this option (and a choice to change other parameters) within the next weekish.

re: test environment 2 screenshot
The message about “you must turn on location services in Android Settings” is super important. Without location access enabled, Android doesn’t allow apps to scan for BLE devices.

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Thank you for listening to my request🙌
I and @taumarc will be able to do the next test.

Test reported to this topic.

Hi Neklan, that is interesting. I’ll investigate later today (because I now have that same phone):

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I have roughly the same issue I paired a TTGO ESP32 v2.1 to my car’s ATOTO A6 head unit,

but it is saying I need to turn on location service. which i have.

I am using 0.711 firmware. This board can pair with my Pixel 3XL so we know it is good.
the head unit has android 6.0

any thoughts?

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Hmm. What version # for the app?

0.7.93, fresh off the play store from Sunday.

ok - I think I know the problem. I bet your car doesn’t have a recent Google Play installed and the app had an accidental dependency on it. It was fixed in this change but the fix is only on the alpha/beta test channels right now. If you opt into the beta test (see link at you should get the newer version. Could you try that any report back?

opting in now. I will definitely report back.