1.2.17 alpha release

A quick hotfix to fix two serious problems (both have been there for a while). I’ll also include this in a new android alpha:

  • Sometimes naks weren’t properly delivered, reported by @havealoha and @luxonn.
  • The (new) python stress test found cases where a bug in our thread scheduler could cause multiple SECONDS of message delivery delay. Fixed.

The android app includes this new firmware and a few minor autobug fixes found via analytics. The android release also has an APK up on github.

Minor fixes to python tool also released.

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Icons looks better now. But another observation: a previously sent message that fails does not show the cloud with slash icon until the next attempt to send a message. Shouldn’t it refresh itself and show a failed icon after the sleep period?

Another thing. If fields in the app require an enter key to be pressed like the timeout or device name, that should be clearly documented in the beginner documentation or we will get lots of issues and feature requests.

Also, if firmware updates aren’t allowed via usb in the android app, that should be explicitly stated or fixed.


That last statement about failed messages will be a hard one to repeat. I’ve been trying for several sleep cycles to repro it but on 1.2.17 it’s only happened once out of 5 sleep cycles and 16 messages.


The only thing missing at this point is the ability to wipe a device from the phone. Otherwise, I’d install this on my grandma’s phone.

My pinephone “dispatches” in late April whatever that means. Maybe I’ll be able to test alpha releases eventually!

Using termux on my Android I wasn’t able to get python, esptool or Meshtastic to use the usb file descriptor provided by termux-usb Termux (Android support), usb device from sys device (file descriptor), Issue #285 by Querela · Pull Request #287 · pyusb/pyusb · GitHub I bet if I rooted and made a chroot or overlay I could make it work but that’s allot of trouble just to wipe a tbeam.


It seems that it is rare for a TBeam to have an external power plug icon. I had some Tbeams outside on battery, trying to get GPS. Afterward, I brought them inside to charge them. 10 minutes later I looked at the list of nodes, and the only one that had an external power plug symbol was one that always had external power, since before updating firmware.


I had 10 TBeams on last night. I had the GPS broadcast seconds set to 375, which could still be flooding the air with rebroadcasts of other TBeam’s GPS rebroadcasts. I still wanted to charge the batteries, so I powered down most tbeams by holding in the power button for 10 or so seconds. There was a blinking blue LED under the right side of the LCD screen. At the point in time that the LCD went black, if the blue LED was on, it remained on, and if it was off, it remained off. I assume the blink routine should be disabled, then LED manually turned off at the point of shutdown.
This morning, I brought my cell phone back into the room to check on the charging status of the remaining on TBeams, but the cell phone said that it was connected, but they were sleeping. The LCD screens are on. Shouldn’t bluetooth be on at the same time? It has been a few minutes and the cell phone still hasn’t connected. I think I set sleep to 60 seconds. I set the cell phone to connect to none, then to connect back to the TBeam, and it connected. I think this might be a bug in the app. It has been like that for a long time, probably back to the Summer. I sent a text message and they appeared on the LCD screens, so they weren’t frozen with the LCD screens on. I see mostly 100% batteries on the cell phone app, but no external power symbols. The 4 TBeams that are still on say they have had last contact within the last 2 minutes. How long should I wait until I receive an update on external power status?
I had complained at one point about the M8N Tbeam being slower to show messages on the LCD screen than the other TBeams. I just realized that I plugged the LORA antenna into the WIFI connector. I switched it to the LORA connector now, and it appears to react at the same time as the other TBeams now.

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Anyone else having timeouts when trying to use the --dest remote function? Device and python at 1.2.17.


I now see an external power symbol from the TBeam my phone is talking to over bluetooth, but not from the rest, including the one that showed as connected to external power last night, that never got unplugged.


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I believe it is a node call issue in general
I have tested on several radios and 1.2.17 has issues with how nodes are handled by meshtastic. I am not even able to list nodes on version 1.2.17 so other commands would fail on this alone

Hmm. I seem to be able to list nodes without issue. Are you talking about…
meshtastic --nodes

I notice that the --node command throws an exception if it does not appear to have any nodes yet, but this is not always the case and at other times it paints out a ascii up-down arrow showing no table or entries.

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yes, when trying on a freshly flashed radio doesn’t work and when using on a radio running 1.26 is simply says connecting to radio and then also does nothing. I have 5 nodes so its not an empty node list.

Thank you this was helpful. I tested the newest version of meshtatic python against a radio running 1.2.6 connected to 5 other nodes and it also didnt work. Older version of meshtastic python did, Im checking the diffs now to see if it is a meshtatics python thing or not

Thanks for your report. @iz1kga just fixed this I think. It will be in the next build.


Just wanted to show the mess that messages turns into when you switch the app between nodes.


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