1.2.20 of the device, android and python tools up for alpha testers

This is 1.2.20 device code for alpha testers. Hopefully this release will be fairly solid and I’ll spend most of the next two weeks finishing the MQTT gateway work item. Please let me know what you think?

Note: Heltec battery level sensing still isn’t updated for their (dumb IMO) pin number change, but I’ll do that sometime next week when not MQTTing…

  • @mc-hamster added an option to disable serial console entirely
  • Cleanup simulation and fix some timeout bugs in the TCP server
  • Make the automated continuous integeration tool test more things
  • Fix heap corruption bug in the Fsm library
  • add a frequency_offset preferences option

1.2.20 of the python tool is out - it fixes the problem of remote admin/gpio/serial access not working.

1.2.20 of the android app includes the firmware above and…

  • Fix the problem of not allowing text message sending while the radio is sleeping (I think). Also needs the latest device firmware for this fix.
  • Fix a few autobugs reported by analytics
  • Add a TCPInterface which uses ‘wifi’ to talk to the device. This is currently only enabled when running on the emulator - because (for now) it allows the android app to stress test with the meshtastic-native simulator (runs on a linux/os-x machine).

I’m feeling lazy so this android build is only going up on google-play for now.


FWIW, device 1.2.20 is working fine with app 1.2.17. will test more thoroughly with app tomorrow.

I have to say @geeksville , thanks for your dedication to this project, I know it takes a lot of time and effort and I appreciate you and the progress made.

Same to all of you in the forum and github!


after a while, the application does not display incoming messages and delivery reports but sent well. in the device, messages are forwarded well. devices are powered from an external source. report recently sent from two phones galaxy a 40 and galaxy J1.
Dev. Heltec and tbeam.

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I had asked you about this in slack just this week. I’m really glad to see this becoming a feature. :partying_face:
I think it will be huge for home wifi connected nodes.

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Just checking are your parameters approximately the defaults?

I’m seeing several potential bugs in the Android app at least from 1.2.11:

  • the app crashes when switching between tabs during BLE reconnection (100% of the times)
  • “last heard” times and/or position and/or SNR are not reported in the mesh tab and/or are different from those in the Debug Panel, but not for all nodes
  • those missing/incomplete data are instead correctly shown on the nodes’ displays
  • messages are apparently not forwarded to nodes in mesh with missing data (though it’s hard for me to track this down)
  • (maybe not a bug) in the message tab, a message exchange shows an unexpected time differential between nodes:

I have not touched the settings in the application and the device. after enable and disable device in check box, an undelivered message appears in the app. this only happens when running on external power.

Ps: heltec dont go sleep - on battery

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In the app, one of my devices, the one currently connected, shows a power plug icon when it is actually on battery. But when I switch the connection to a different device in the channel, the app shows the previous device as being back on battery correctly. This is only happening to one device. After plugging in the device, it shows just battery and not the plug icon regardless of which device the app is connected to.

App notification reported 0 of 2 online even though both nodes were online and one was connected and not sleeping in the app. Force close and restart of the app got status back to 2 of 2 online.

After some sleep wake cycles and successful messages between nodes, sending a message is successful indicated by the node waking up and displaying the message but the app shows that the message failed to send, cloud icon with slash.

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@IZ1IVA Thanks!

  • are you using both 1.2.20 of the Android app and the device code?
  • I’m not seeing any crashes in the analytics logs (sometimes it takes google a couple of days to upload that stuff). Would you mind doing something that causes the crash, then pressing the “report bug” button inside the app and then posting here with the model of phone you have (so I can find the report)?
  • re time difference in the message log. hmm, the message rx time is based on the time inside your local device. The message send time is based on the time inside your phone. I’m puzzled that they would be so different (unless using an old device firmware?)


I will!

1.2.20 mine, 1.2.17 his.

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Ah 2.17 stored times in the old place. Once updating I bet that problem will go away.

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