1.2.22 of android app up for alpha testers!

This build has one important fix and a few minor fixes.

  • Channel speed editing didn’t work if you didn’t also change the name of the channel, reported by @Der_Bear
  • Fix a couple of rare autobugs

There is no new device code in this release (still contains 1.2.20).

Note: it typically takes a few hours before google propagates the release to all regions.

after a while, the application does not display incoming messages and delivery reports, but sent well. in the device, messages are forwarded well. devices Heltech are powered from an external source. On battery - dont sleep.

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Hi @luxonn the bug with heltec sleeping will be fixed soonish. The mfg apparently changed gpio assignments for the battery sensor on some version of the boards (there is another thread here on that).

Related anyone here have a heltec and is able to run/debug code? Alas - I forgot to bring a heltec with me to Taiwan, so I don’t have one to test with.

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