New android alpha release 1.1.38

I’ve just updated the alpha/beta channel on the play store with some good fixes. Also @tad I’ve posted it in github releases as an APK (for those that can’t access the play store).


  • @vfurman quickly fixed the drawing issue on some phones. thanks!
  • @thepoweroftwo tweaked the icon to look better on android screens. thanks!

I’ve written/added a fairly complete device simulator which runs when this app is run on an emulated phone (or real phones in googles massive automated testing farm). This should improve reliability because when the automated testing goes around clicking in the app and trying to do things we previously didn’t get much test coverage (because most of our app needs to talk bluetooth to a real device - which obviously google doesn’t have). Now if we detect we are running in that environment we fire up a fake device (written in kotlin) that sends and receives the same FromRadio/ToRadio packets that meshtastic-device does. I kinda live in fear now of the bugs the automated stress testing will find. :wink:

This also allows easier development of the android app, because you can develop and test without using a physical phone.


btw - if anyone is curious here’s an example video from some random Huawai phone in their test farm…

When I quit the meshtastic app, restart my phone, and then start the meshtastic app again, my message history dissapears. This has been happening for the last few app releases. I don’t know about older versions, but I think it used to keep message history for months.


yeah - it was supposed to keep message history (and used to). would you mind filing this as a bug on meshtastic-android so we don’t forget?