Where are you? Add your locations

For example, I am in the Moscow region of Khovrino. (433mhz). Is there anyone nearby?


I’m in Taiwan until June ish.

I’m on the NW coast of Haiti during the academic year (August through May). Also, add a pin to the node map.


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I’m in Ireland - 868mhz

I am in the UK on 868Mhz

Sweden 868mhz
Let me know if you’re here as well!
Or in any other Nordic country!

Germany 868MHz , already marked on the map :v:


Italy 868Mhz, pin it in the map

Norway, 868Mhz, what map?

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Switzerland, Bern area, 868Mhz.

This Map.

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Vancouver, BC Canada

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Carrboro, NC USA. I have one node on the map.

I’m in downtown Portland, Oregon USA

The netherlands.
Got my 2 ttbeams today in the coming days i hope to get them up and running!


KwaZulu Natal South Africa, in the Drakensberg, 868

Horsham, West Sussex, UK - also on the map with contact email for channel discussion

Haskell, OK in the states

Brussels , Belgium (868)

Washington, US (915MHz)