Where are you? Add your locations

For example, I am in the Moscow region of Khovrino. (433mhz). Is there anyone nearby?

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I’m in Taiwan until June ish.

I’m on the NW coast of Haiti during the academic year (August through May). Also, add a pin to the node map.


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I’m in Ireland - 868mhz

I am in the UK on 868Mhz

Sweden 868mhz
Let me know if you’re here as well!
Or in any other Nordic country!

Germany 868MHz , already marked on the map :v:

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Italy 868Mhz, pin it in the map

Norway, 868Mhz, what map?

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Switzerland, Bern area, 868Mhz.

This Map.

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Vancouver, BC Canada

Carrboro, NC USA. I have one node on the map.

I’m in downtown Portland, Oregon USA

The netherlands.
Got my 2 ttbeams today in the coming days i hope to get them up and running!

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KwaZulu Natal South Africa, in the Drakensberg, 868

Horsham, West Sussex, UK - also on the map with contact email for channel discussion