Anyone in Montreal area?

I am 100% new to Meshtastic. I have a bunch of devices coming in the mail, which I am excited to test out. I also have two outdoor antennas I want to set up to cover the village where I live (a pretty small village).

It would be cool to find some existing nodes in my area to connect to. I did a search for “Montreal” on here and nothing came up. When looking at meshmaps, I don’t see any nodes in Montreal and surrounding areas. I have no idea how complete that map is though.

Is anyone on here from the Montreal area? Can I expect to see an existing network when I start trying out my devices?

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Hi, also waiting delevery of a meshtastic device, will see what is on the air in Montreal, I am in the North East part of Montreal

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I just made an order for 2 devices as well. I live in Laval.

Hello, I am on the South Shore of Montreal (St-Bruno). I am planning to order one meshtastic device.

Talk to you soon

Hello, I forgot to ask, which device have you ordered?

And which band are you planning to use?

  • 433 MHz
  • 470 - 510 MHz
  • 863 - 870 MHz
  • 902 - 928 MHz


@Taldos Depending on where you are in Laval you might be somewhat close. I am in Oka. I was thinking of setting up a local MQTT topic as well, to bridge the gaps in the area.

@cyberic68 which band you use depends on where you are. Different regions have different bands that are legal. North America (so Canada as well) is 902-928. (also often referred to as 915 Mhz), so that’s the one you need to use. Also look at this when ordering a device, because you need a device specific to the frequency.

On the south shore here in Saint Constant. Just got two Heltec V3s and have a RAK kit in the mail that I’ll setup on my roof as a repeater.

I’m in laval-des-rapides. If my first tests are success full, I’m looking to set up repeaters at some family’s residence across the island.