Indy area users

Any Indianapolis, Indiana area users?

I’m slightly NE of indy

I’m new to the concept and don’t have any experience with this type of technology, but I’m anxious to learn and to build a capable network to extend our range. I’m researching systems now. Would you be willing to assist me in getting started? I’m NW of Indy.

Thank you for your reply.

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I’m actually extremely new to all this as well, and am also working on getting a large powerful antennae set up on the house, possibly with a solar powered WisBlock board. Feel free to ask me things and id happily work with you to help how i can or point you towards a solution. I’m just happy to hear someone relatively nearby is into this as well. All i have right now are a couple of v3 heltec ESP32 boards flashed with meshtastic. Still trying to figure out the ins and outs of using those.

That’s great! Im still deciding what route I want to go for my portable unit. Any thoughts on RAK WisBlock Vs T-Beam? Also gps, WiFi?

I have just gotten my Heltec v3 working in downtown Indy. Not too sure if I can get a good signal here because of the buildings. I also have no idea what I am doing lol.

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Well we can learn together as we go then. I’ll let you know when my stuff comes in and go from there. I’m trying to combine things that are plug and play so I can at least start communicating and then work on repeaters and adding to the mesh later.

My daughters go to IUPUI so I want to at least be able to communicate with them if needed. Probably 20th miles as the crow flys.

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I go to IUPUI too. Should I set up my node on campus? It’s mostly concrete there so im not sure where the best place to have it for signal. Also, I am not too sure of legality of just leaving one of these on campus on a roof or something.

I would not place anything on any buildings without the knowledge of and written consent of the owner. That said, it may not be that difficult to find a department at IUPUI that might have a node in use or would be willing to host one.

In any case, once I’m up and running we can run some tests on distances between the three of us and see where the holes in coverage are.

far west side of indy… will have my node up and running in a week or so… Tim

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Irvington area, will have a node … whenever it comes from Heltec :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately i don’t have much of an opinion there. Im still looking to use a Wisblock for an attic node with the antenna on the roof for max reach. From what I’ve gathered the wisblock has much less draw on a battery, which is why I’m looking to use it specifically. As far as the “gps, wifi?” question, I’m truly not sure. Im still trying to grasp the benefits and/or downsides of these different options and features. Sorry i can’t be of more help just yet.

One thing im trying to understand is, what are the best settings on meshtastic for my nodes to be visible to others or most receptive to messages sent out by others, and visa versa? A video or an article walking through this would be amazing.

Lafayette area here. I ordered a couple nodes. Hopefully I will have one setup on the south end of the county (Tippecanoe) and one on the north end of the county. We will see…