Meshtastic Node Map

Hi, I’m a fan of the project and although I haven’t got my hands on a node yet I’ve been thinking about making a Mesh map to motivate people to join the mesh.

The map I made can be seen here:
and here
The owner of was generous enough to grant the project a free premium membership so that now the map can have unlimited pins.
And it can be embedded to a website with the following code (hint, hint)

<iframe src="" width="500" height="400" title="Meshtastic Map"></iframe>

Edit: maybe a link can be added to the mobile app to encourage people to add their node.


Hey that’s handy and will be great to see it grow!

It would be epic to have that functionality along with the likes of coverage mapping and elevation profiles between nodes.

Is there any free solution for offline elevation data ?

The US Government has free map tiles for the the USA.

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topo maps app in iOS displays the line of sight of a point for US and Canada (offline). I’m sure there are more apps out there.

That would be nice! but I don’t think there is any free solution for that. I’ve added the link to the elevation profiler to the map.

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There are ways to add more fuctionality to the map. Users could attach the URLs for their local channels or even QR codes. I’m not very familiar with how meshtastic devices work and how I could improve the map because I don’t own a node yet. So please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the map.

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hey great work! it would be really great if you could add a QR code for the nodes. Just the ability to upload a screen shot and attach it to the node on the map is all thats needed. Have you gotten your device yet?

Thanks for your work!

I’m here in LA and want an easy way for our maker community to get connected.

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Ok, now you can attach photos for fixed nodes. My nodes are still on the way :stuck_out_tongue: .

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excellent… now if only someone would join my chat lol

Just realized, that there popped up a node near me on the map, which is almost in range.

I’m located in Germany, Bavaria and there are only 2 nodes.

So dear meshtastic user, do you want to get in contact with me? If so, feel free to write me a PM :wink:


For personal use Radio Mobile is great freeware.

The online map in itself is nice but not very useful if you can’t change the information provided earlier. Hope you can help us out of this?

I wanted to add my nodes to the map, but i can’t sign up. I tried email and google login, but both were just ignored by the webpage.