Anyone in Brussels, Belgium?


starting setting up nodes. I’m looking for other people in Brussels to create a city mesh

see you soon!


Mechelen to far I guess

Nice. At least someone in Belgium !
I wouls like to position some nodes at different positions to build up a mesh. Are you interested in doing that (and by motivating other people to help) ?

yeah sure, got 2x heltecs v3 an 2x T-echos. currently just experimenting with those, no experience setting up nodes.

Received my 433 version yesterday from Ali but seems I should have picked the 868 version. If this thing doesn’t takeoff in Brussels, I’ll repurpose it for MQTT

Yes , get 868Mhz versions instead that everyone uses. Although lower frequencies have theoritically longer range, 433Mhz is a very polluted band

I am also a newbie with meshtastic. I have 4 wisblock nodes (no screens) and two heltech nodes (with screens). The wisblock nodes consume very low power so they are ideal fir permanent relay nodes (no screen needed). Whike the heltech nodes with screens are more suited for handheld/mobile use.

I’m bulding a solar node. I’ll post my experiment later

Agree that 433 (rather 434) is indeed busier than 868. Will get an 868 if meshtastic gets more coverage in/around Brussels. Will leave my 433 active for some time then flash it for TinyGS or RTL433 & HomeAssistant. With the 868 version, there are no interesting alternative afaik.

Are you in Brussels or around it ? My idea and proposal is to gather people, like you eventually, so that we build the mesh in Brussels, one node at a time. I have four nodes to place. My first fixed node is indicated on this online map that collects nodes positions : Meshtastic Map (

Here a screenshot : we see my only and first node. Now place yours too !

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Hi, where did you order the RAK device ?

I am looking to put up a permanent solar powered node. (Limburg)


Added my location on the map (approx 5km north east of yours). I’ll get an 868 when it’s again on discount on Aliexpress.

I got the RAK directly from their web site. shipping took a month because it is shipped from Hong Kong

Nice. we will bridge our nodes

Ah thanks, I will wait untill it is available on Aliexpress again.
It seems they are very populair at the moment.

Here on the store from RAK wireless, it is in stock :
Meshtastic Starter Kit for LoRa – RAKwireless Store

Also update the map once you deploy your extra nodes. I’m quite sure our nodes would not reach other given the distance and environment.

For people willing to join…
Cheapest option for now is still on Aliexpress :
21$ shipping included for the no screen version.
Avoid the Heltec v2 (on discount by some vendors) as it won’t be supported in the future.

I am contacting Churches’priests to be allowed to set relay nodes on top of their towers. This is a plan.
With correct antennas i managed 2.3km range in Ixelles

I published a video tutorial to build your own Meshtastic dipole antennas , here :slight_smile: Build your own 868Mhz Meshtastic antenna - Builds / Use Cases - Meshtastic

Yes !!! 3 nodes LORA 868 in Laeken … but very small antenna inside my house

We just need to install intermediates nodes all over Brussels in high points. As said earlier, I try to ask my local church if they accept me to install a node on top of their church. If we do this with a few of them we can cover a circle around the church of about 4km diameter (2km radius) in my last range tests. We do not need many nodes with such a radius to cover the whole of Brussels.

(I have four nodes to install)

Let’s do it!