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Detroit, MI, USA (915)

Woodside, NY (915) added to the map

Germany, Magdeburger Börde, SA (868 Mhz)

Cleveland, OH, USA - 915 mhz.

San Francisco, CA - 915mhz

Albania, Tirana - 868Mhz

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New Zealand Waikato, 868Mhz (using 868eu but wouldn’t mind switching to the India’s complaint firmware when available as this is more complaint with our regulations) will be putting up a permanent solar powered repeater at some point waiting for a few more features in the firmware.


Kansas City, Missouri

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AU915-928 is fine for NZ up to 1W I believe. We need to sort a Waikato to Manawatu Meshtastic link!


Yes very keen to link my Waikato project! it would be a long link if you can put a repeater high on MT Taranaki it should work.
I was thinking 865 as it might be less crowded I don’t have antennas for 915 so I have not tested it.

Sacramento, CA ~3km from downtown

Norway 868 Mhz (Porsgrunn )


Castle Rock, CO 915Mhz

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Taiwan. Various freqs :laughing:


Sweden, Karlstad 868 Mhz

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Valencia, Spain 868 Mhz

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Valencia! Such a beautiful city. You’re a very lucky person.

I spent 10 days there in 2019, wished I could have stayed longer. My verbal Spanish is extremely poor and everyone was extremely patient with me.

:heart: Valencia :heart:


yea! nice place to live, no too big not too small, good weather, good food… :slight_smile: for me the most freandly city in spain to live. San Francisco dont sounds bad :slight_smile:

Nice to see someone else here in the area, too bad you’re a bit too far. I’m just outside Oregon City.

Waterford, MI 915Mhz