My giant battery node I've place on a hill in Los Angeles

This is a 560 watt hour 36v scooter battery and a heltec board I’ve packaged up in a trash bag. Zip tied it to a tree, you can find it on the meshtastic map in Los Angeles. So far I’ve gotten a signal to bounce back to my house from 10+ miles away.

Anyone in LA want to give it a try? Its been running for about a week non stop so far.





Super Cool! Btw to prevent the node from sleeping (ever) for this application you’ll want to use the new --set-router mode we just added. Also it will use much less current. Docs are still a bit spotty on it (and no gui yet on the Android app) but see the alphatest thread for details.

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Expected runtime before recharging? Or, will the tree die first? :grinning:

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awesome! looks like i’ll be taking a trip up the hill!

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hahaha, I really have no idea! I’ll be checking its voltage when i go up there to update the software. It would be great if it could do a couple months!

The feature will be available in the Android app really soon :blush:


I’m in Lincoln Heights but I’ll try to hit tonight!

awesome!, the base station should be named “homebase” and ill be either datadrian or adrian tbeam. send me a shout so i can look out for a message

Nice node! What software were you using for the RF prediction?

Hey, looks like the second one from this post: