Hello everyone. New User Here

Just hooked up my first Meshtastic Node. TTGO T-Beam ESP32 V1.1 Connected to my phone no problem. Just outside of Chicago. What is next ? Not sure what to do.

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The world is your oyster! I’ve been messing around with a pair of T-Beams for keeping track of my dog while hiking outdoors! I’ve set the location update to 30 seconds, ordered some cables to re-locate the antenna, an upgraded GPS antenna, prototyped several case designs, only to buy a pair of Pelican 1010 Micro cases.

Take a look at the node map that @Kak123 added! I see there are a few nodes in your area, so there must be some users to connect with!

Also looking into launching either a tethered or un-tethered balloon to see what kind of range I can get.

I’ve known people who ran into trouble while hunting and unfortunately they were not found in time. I myself have even gotten turned around and wondered if we were ever going to find our truck again. A t-beam on the dash of the truck would have been perfect!

Do you have two devices? What made you interested in the project?