Anyone in Sacramento, Ca?

New to Meshtastic. My solar node has been on my roof peak(30’) for 4 days and hasn’t seen another node. I’ve tested the antenna SWR and have tried to factory reset the device but still no luck.

I just setup a solar node in Roseville that should be on all the time. I can only see my nodes at the moment as well.

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Hi there, I’m also in the Sac area. I had to do the equivalent of war driving with my node in order to start seeing other nodes populate initially.

@Tech is your Solar Node in Roseville 7FC5 by chance?

Cool! I have made a few contacts and picked up a few more nodes in the area.

Mine is SolR_6e68, but I took it down to try to build a higher mount for it and just haven’t gotten it back together. I left it on for awhile and didn’t see any other nodes aside from my own.

I am very surprised you’re not seeing anyone. There’s a bunch of us, and someone recently put a node on Mt. Diablo.

With that said, join the Facebook group for the most up to date info. We’re having a meet n greet tomorrow!

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