High power LoRa modules

Let me baptise this category with a thread to talk about some high power 433MHz LoRa modules I’d like to test.

The ones that seem interesting are:
E22 (UART)
E22 (SPI)
E62 (Full Duplex?)

I excluded the E32 as it uses the older SX1278 module while the E22 mounts the newer SX1268. Looking at the datasheet, the range tests were performed with different data rates, which justifies the extra kilometers (8 vs 12km) of the SPI version.
Same specs, different marketing strategy?

Going to the E62, the datasheet reports

Module E62-433T30D is a full-duplex wireless transceiver module with TTL level output, operates at 425-450MHz (default: 433MHz) […]
Features TDD (Time Division Duplex). User can transmit data while receiving, not have to wait for the end of receiving

I am not aware of any similar full duplex LoRa implementations, although concurrent TX/RX can be faked by the UART internal buffering.

If you have already tried one of these modules let me know.

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Adding to the list the RFM98PW ( from HopeRF, producer of the famous Ra-01 and Ra-02 modules.

Similar specs of the E22 but apparently supporting more protocols.

One difference I see is the E22 30dBm module claims -150dBm receive sensitivity vs the RFM98PW -136dBm. How that pans out in real life is yet to be determined though!

I admit I am quite vary with their specifications and I haven’t found any proper review to support the vendor claims.

Soon the E22 module TXen and RXen pins will be supported and I will let you know.

Here a few answers from ebyte

What is the difference between the E22 UART vs the SPI version?

E22-400M30S: this is a SPI module which has no MCU, no firmware. User need to do developing works before using this module. It’s max tested range could be 12km if user can make good design of their own MCU, PCB and firmware.
E22-400T30D: this is a UART module which has Ebyte MCU, Ebyte PCB and Ebyte firmware. After making balance between the cost and performance, we make it’s max tested range to be 8km.

Is the E62 really full duplex?

E62-433T30D is full duplex module. If ESP32 can be combined with E62-433T30D successfully, this system can surely send and receive data at same time.

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yep - for meshtastic you’d want the SPI version. For the full duplex version they are just putting their own protocol on top of the radios and simulating a serial port.