Ebyte E19 1W 915MHz Lora

Would the Ebyte E19 work with Meshtastic? Appears to support SPI.

I want to try building a set of repeaters using this unit. The repeaters will have access to available power for a community mesh system using Meshtastic.
Would these need to be paired with an ESP32 (I’m assuming?) If there’s a good shot at these possibly working with Meshtastic, I’ll bite the bullet and buy a pair, do some testing, and post the final project so others can also try if they wish.

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Not sure about that specific radio, you might have to add support for it. However, the E22 is already supported. See this device: GitHub - Hydra-Designs/project-hydra-meshtastic-pcb: A minimalist 1W LoRA PCB design for Meshtastic-device firmware

Yes, this would need an ESP32 to work with Meshtastic. Some work would be required to get this to work, but I think it should be possible. The major difference between the E19 and E22 appears to be the SX1276 vs SX1262.