Device alpha 1.1.50 is up on github

This release will (hopefully, if ya’lls testing reports goes well) become the stable ‘final’ release of the 1.1 tree. We look forward to your reports!

Major changes since 1.1.48:

  • @mc-hamster added store-and-forward messaging (I think this is not ready for users yet though? based on my dim memory of comments by MC)
  • @crossan007 added the environment monitoring plugin (also I think only for dev use right now?)
  • Fix a regression I introduced in 1.1.48 (nodes disappearing from map). Thanks @DylanHoen for reporting.

If this release goes well I’ll add it to the android app and do an android release later this week. I’ll also be releasing the first 1.2 alpha (which substantially cleans up lots of things, adds multiple simultaneous channel support and remote settings changes via the mesh)


Link: Releases · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub


Yup, only store works. It doesn’t yet forward. Unless you want to use up a few MB of ram for no apparent reason, don’t turn on the store and forward plugin.


Added 1.1.50 download to the GUI


I installed 1.1.50 using the shell script. I enabled the webserver using the command line app that came with the Python script. I reset the Tbeam 1.0. I logged into the wifi and uploaded the web files through the static page. It rebooted several times while uploading the web page files. I think they eventually uploaded.

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I flashed it again and didn’t experence the same bug this time. Are there random flashes that end up corrupt?
I had used the reset button to reboot after enabling the web server before, and used the power button to power off and back on this time.

The coordinate that is by its self is using older firmware and is much closer to the actual location. The coordinates that are overtop of each other are using 1.1.50, and are in the wrong place. They are indoors, so that is not unexpected, but what is unexpected is that they are in the exact same spot when zoomed in to the highest zoom level. One Tbeam’s coordinate must have overwritten another tbeam’s coordinate at some point

Three tbeams: T22_V1.1 20191212 and T22_V1.0 20190612 with M8N and 6M gps.

I updated via one of them and then used the app (running 1.1.50) to update the other two. As happened with 1.1.48 after having successfullly updated one tbeam via the android app this route then fails to update a second tbeam.
I see the double page on the app advanced settings but I can change the values and exit the settings without issue (my tablet is running android 7.0). 375 is now the lowest value allowed for the broadcast position period. I am trying sleep period 30 secs. Messaging fast. Map positions good. I connected a DHT11 sensor to one of the tbeams and hope to try out the environment UI soon.

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I successfully updated my four t-beams via BLE without any issue.
I think stopping the radio while updating is making the process more reliable.

Everything working fine so far. No nodes disappearing any more.

Android CI issue to be fixed