Anyone in Istanbul, Turkey?

I’m building a 868 mesh around the Kadıköy area (first stationary node running in Erenköy) and some of my stationary nodes will be in Kınalı island(which has quite a big reach).


I’m thinking about the same especially for emergency communication after expected earthquake. I see some HAM radio operators working on merging AREDN (check this youtube channel for more) with meshtastic but their preference is 433 Mhz. I’m going to order Heltec devices but confused about which frequency to choose. How did you decide on 868?

  • 433 is incredibly crowded and not only that most devices that use the 433 band broadcast without listening (car, garage, smart light remotes) in a crowded city those devices could mess up comms.

  • The Fresnel zone for 433 is bigger so it needs a bigger opening between devices. Which again in a city is harder to get.

  • The helium net uses 868 too so there are a lot of second hand 868 antennas on the market and from ı’ve heard the helium net is dying (not sure though) so the prices will prob continue to go lower because of the shrinking demand.

  • 868 devices also cover 915, that basically means supporting EU and US and newer devices are more likely to be created to be used in that area. (eg. Nano series devices, Station G1)

Hope that explains things :slight_smile:

@Mertszr02 thank you for the details. What will you use as hardware for nodes/stations? I’m also thinking about creating nodes/stations around Istanbul, I believe I can set up in 4 locations now (2 around Camlica, Alemdag, Şile). BTW I’m newbie about both amateur radio and Meshtastic and asking these here openly to create starting point for those who will search about Meshtastic and Istanbul nodes like us.

hi guys im really surprised to see this thread because iv been thinking about building a mesh around istanbul (earthquake) for a year now and i was pretty discouraged because im new to the radio stuff and it would be really expensive to cover my interest area which is quite big (pendik to başakşehir to beylikdüzü) and im a student so i dont have much money to spend. i was watching a youtube tutorial for using ATAK with meshtastic 2 mins ago then i checked if there were any sellers for the device and i saw your posts which was a big surprise. but i have a lot of questions like which device to buy or can i hook a solar powered node to the çamlıca tower would that be legal things like that.

Np, happy to help :slight_smile:

I started with 2 lora32 boards and 1 t-beam from amazon TR.

Then I bought a few T3S3 boards from Lilygo but the customs process was kinda janky/stressful. They arrived recently.

I’ll prob buy a few wisblock meshtastic kits in the near future.

if you are high up in Çamlıca you will most likely be able to reach my Kınalı node(not operational yet)

I have close friends in both Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü so I would love to extend my mesh there.

I suggest starting with a basic setup by powering the nodes with the city power. For anyone new, there are already a ton of things to learn so adding more potential problems (solar and battery management)
Yani fazla uçmayın gençler :wink: en azından şimdilik…

Lastly my suggestion is buying any node (868 ofc so that we can communicate at some point)
I think AmazonTR still has some lora nodes, they are not cheap but its pretty much guarantied to arrive so basically less stress. Try to buy 2 or 3 nodes as soon as possible and start learning then you can decide for yourselves how you wanna proceed.

Btw if you wanna meet up and talk, you can write to me from here. Also I might buy the nodes in bulk and sell em. Thought I did not decide on that yet.

From Ortakoy experimenting with 2 nodes. I am operating on 433 and I am building these nodes myself. It was cheaper and better if you guys want to scale it. Ready made here in Turkey are heck expensive. All you need esp32 250 TL and lora 02 with adapter board 250 TL. For power you need to figure it out

Edit: stock antenna probably shit so that’s an extra 100-200 tl

I used a similar setup a 6 years ago with an arduino and ra-02 (433) but those are 18 dbm (63mw)
the t-beam and lora32 boards I bought as a starting point uses SX1276 lora chips[20 dbm (100 mw) ]

and my new T3S3 boards use SX1262 chips [22 dbm (158 mw)]

so basically there is quite a big power output difference (also receiver differences) between those devices besides I didn’t see any 868 ra02 chips. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to 433 for meshtastic use.

I still have my 433 ra-02 boards so I might try other Lora projects with them some day.
maybe some satellite reception.

edit: AI-thinker apparently has other boards mainly RA-01SCH which seems to support 868 and is 22dbm.

433 max power without license 12db
While 868 is at 20db anything more would illegal. Yes 868 better at penetration with 433 have a better range in open areas. Lots of variables here that can effect the distance. Good luck with the project hopefully one day we can cross frequency and talk :))