Web interface messaging not really working in the latest releases

Hello guys,
Hope I’m posting this in the right place.
For the last two alpha releases (including the one from today sending messages from web interface does not work. Switching to phone app/BLT still works for all versions.
In the alpha version it works fine, I’m getting confirmation of the message being sent out (icon stops flashing) and messages are reaching destination.
My setup is firmware-tbeam on a TTGO board, connected as wi-fi client to an AP. I’m using Chromium browser on the PC and standard Chrome browser on my phone.
Anyone else has this issue?

Thank you!

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Hello again,
Could anyone at least confirm that is able to send messages through the web interface using the latest firmware? (and the messages actually reach the other nodes)


I tested the 1.2.50 alpha on a TLora-V1 (a device with no GPS) used as a repeater.
I also have a TBeam connected to my phone.
Both are using the default channel.

One important thing for new users is to know that webserver files on the device is in the spiffs bin file.
It is not enough to only flash the firmware bin file
Easiest way is to use the install script when installing or upgrading. It will install everything you need.

I also have the meshtastic python package installed so I can use the meshtastic cli to set parameters.

This is how I did

./device-install.sh -f firmware-tlora-v1-
meshtastic --set region 3
meshtastic --set-owner Repeater
meshtastic --set wifi_ssid network
meshtastic --set wifi_password password
meshtastic --setalt 55 --setlat 59.0000 --setlon 13.0000

./device-install.sh -f firmware-tbeam-
meshtastic --set region 3
meshtastic --set-owner Claes

I also installed the latest apk (1.2.52) on my android phone.

After setting the wifi info on the device it needs a reset and it will then create SSL keys. When that is done it is possible to access it from a webbrowser. I am running chrome on Ubuntu 21.10

I can send messages from the webpage to the android phone which is connected to the TBeam.
I can also send messages back from the phone to the webpage.

The webpage can be accessed both as meshtastic.local and the ip of the device. But only one at a time since the webserver on the device can only handle one connection.

As a sidenote the serial connection works much better on .50 than it did on .49
On .49 I had a lot of hangings.
The webpage is really nice. I really like it. Many thanks to the devs.


Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed reply.
I have been doing almost the same things here. Using device-install script for flashing, setting the wifi using meshtastic command interface, etc. One difference is that I use “client” mode on wifi but it shouldn’t matter anyway.
As I was saying, I find it strange that for me, the “ alpha” works, but the latest versions do not.

Thanks again!

Interesting you got this working - I’m a little confused what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve got a Lora V2.1-1.6 device running the 1.2.50 beta firmware, set up via CLI (except cilent rather than host). Device 100% on net, all good.

Can’t connect via webpage (IP or meshtastic.local), all via Chrome. Definitely at a loss!

I know on my Mac I initially got redirected to the https version and then got mixed content errors and a blank screen.

http://meshtastic.local should work in chrome and edge once your WiFi is connected.

Blank screens across Mac + Windows, Chrome + Edge unfortunately :frowning:

Ok, thanks to @ernax78 on Discord this is solved. I completely missed the FAQ, my bad. Need to use device-install rather than -upgrade when flashing firmware:

@Mihai Are you sure you definitely used -install rather than -upgrade?

Yes, I’m always upgrading/installing using the “./device-install.sh” script. The web page is accessible, it’s just that the messages are not being sent out.

Are you sending to the “all” user?

Yes, I did select the “all user” option.
Here are some updates:
I tried to flash the 1.2.50 fw using the latest phone app (from 1.2.48). Waited for 10 minutes, nothing changed on the display (updating…) then I reset the board. The board shown no update (still 1.2.48).
Next, I updated using “device-install” script which was successful. Now, when changing to wifi client, the display shows generating the key… I don’t remember seeing this previously except for the 1.2.48 and before.
Now I’m able to send messages (they get received) but the node running 1.2.50 shows no confirmation (message box keeps flashing). On the other side (running 1.2.48), I always get confirmations when sending (message box stops flashing).
Hope I’m making any sense…

Some more news:
I have upgraded my second node (device-install.sh) from .48 to .50 and still not able to send messages through web-if. Downgraded to .48 and upgraded again using the phone app. This time it completed successfully. Changed the owner (phone app), send some messages (with success) and applied the wifi client command:
meshtastic --set wifi_ap_mode false --set wifi_ssid “…” --set wifi_password “…”
Now everything seems to work, except for the message confirmation I was talking about.

Just as a side note, since now, I’ve been configuring my nodes using only the following commands which worked apparently well up to .48 firmware:
meshtastic --set region EU433
meshtastic --set-owner …
meshtastic --ch-set modem_config Bw125Cr48Sf4096
meshtastic --ch-set name “LongSlow”
meshtastic --set wifi_ap_mode false --set wifi_ssid “…” --set wifi_password “…”

I have the same issue too, I have spent sometime today going trying different release versions and the current 1.2.50… is not sending and when I open the website again no messages shown for previous attempts. I do really like the web interface.