Web Interface issue

Heltec ESP32 V2
Latest firmware
Latest web files

Devices are communicating perfectly via the app and appears to have no issues other than the web interface. So I am able to to access the Metastatic interface no problem but only a few things seem to function. I can’t view/send messages,user list shows no one,device settings just goes to a blank page,packet log shows null,device file system works,and connect to wifi leads to a blank page. Sorry in advance if this seems trivial but I am new to this.

The web interface was written for the firmware versions up to 1.1.50. There was a big change to the way the firmware works when it moved to the 1.2.x branch which stopped the web interface working. @sachaw is currently working on a new version of the web interface which I believe will be moved onto the Meshtastic repository when it’s ready. His work in progress can be found at GitHub - sachaw/meshtastic-client.

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Yeah, should be quite soon, had some interest from some other Devs, a few key issues that we need to work through still.


Got ya, couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and I didn’t know about the 1.2x + web interface issue. Thanks

I’m trying to connect to a heltec v2 on 1.2.64 which is connect to my WAN. Sometimes when I enter the address of in my Chrome browser I can get a meshtastic logo to load in the address window. I’ve never been able to get further than that.
It times out the browser.
The device appears on my list of devices connected to the network.
I think from the question it’s clear that I’m no computer wiz. But I did spend several hours yesterday figuring out how to use the CLI to change the settings on the heltec device.
I have some t beams on the way from China but wanted to get this heltec set up as a solar powered router at some high ground before they arrive.

Try flashing the latest 1.3 alpha with the new webUI