Web Interface issue

Heltec ESP32 V2
Latest firmware
Latest web files

Devices are communicating perfectly via the app and appears to have no issues other than the web interface. So I am able to to access the Metastatic interface no problem but only a few things seem to function. I can’t view/send messages,user list shows no one,device settings just goes to a blank page,packet log shows null,device file system works,and connect to wifi leads to a blank page. Sorry in advance if this seems trivial but I am new to this.

The web interface was written for the firmware versions up to 1.1.50. There was a big change to the way the firmware works when it moved to the 1.2.x branch which stopped the web interface working. @sachaw is currently working on a new version of the web interface which I believe will be moved onto the Meshtastic repository when it’s ready. His work in progress can be found at GitHub - sachaw/meshtastic-client.

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Yeah, should be quite soon, had some interest from some other Devs, a few key issues that we need to work through still.


Got ya, couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and I didn’t know about the 1.2x + web interface issue. Thanks