Meshtastic-flasher crashing use Tbeam

Hello to all Bin a while,
my Tbeam units still run the early FW version and today decide meshtastic-flasher FW flash to the latest new one and that bring some interesting problems.
Using Git Bash the old way, FW loading is working fine.

When meshtastic-flasher connect Tbeam get message about RKS1200 detected
Why meshtastic-flasher crash while FW flash Tbeam?
Why edge/ chrome not read the settings from Tbeam?
For most users is to difficult to manually fill in all config settings?
Why edge / chrome not show standard Tbeam settings?
Why edge / chrome USB Serial comms with Tbeam not working?

You will probably have more luck with the Web Flasher:

Then after that use the Web UI ( or the CLI or the phone apps for configuration.

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Thank you,
I have contact :slight_smile:
webflasher what device do i need to pick Tbeam or Tbeam-S3core or Tbeam07

Depends on which board you have, but probably just T-Beam. T-Beam 0.7 is an old version and T-Beam-S3core is very new.

Al is done thank you personal i liked the local meshtastic-flasher to revert back to older FW versions. Is this still possible webflasher?
Only thing, when internet is down, wbflasher not working?

You can select an older firmware version in the drop-down list.
And indeed, you need an internet connection for the Web Flasher.

Only one older 1.3xxx version, but if new FW work oke no need older ones :slight_smile:
Due long time not visit forum, missi new developments, thank you for pointing me out in new direction.

Android App
use version 1.2.52, is this automatic updated google store or still manual install APK

Version 2.0 should indeed be more stable than 1.3.
The Android app version 2.0 is already in the Play Store.

By the way, on Discord there are a lot more active users.

Thank you again for help me out, appreciating

Is APP 2.0 run on Anderoid 7.0 old tablet?
i dont have nor use FB, twitter, discord or others iam one of those who dont use smartphone :slight_smile:

No problem.
I think Android 5 and up is supported, so you could try it.

I think the ability to change BLE name moved the minimum to android 6