TTGO LoRa32 V2 (V1.6) button


We just testing this in our hamradio club. Question is : this board have only restet button, to which pin should be connected wake up / change screen button ?


Try GPIO0. This is pulled high by an internal pull-up so a button to ground should work. I don’t have that board so I can’t confirm. Also a note, GPIO0 can’t be pulled low on boot.


Its working - thanks !!


@SP7Q I have the same board and I’m having trouble finding GPIO0. I tried wiring across what I thought was the proper pin to GND, but nothing happened and I can’t find a proper pinout for this version. Could you describe or send me a pic of how you got this to work? Thank you!

Hello Sam (I edited my post to show the difference between pinouts of T3_V2.0 / T3_V2.1&T3_V2.1.6 / T3_V2.1.7 and I got even mixed up myself)

The 1.6 board comes in at least 3 different versions.You can compare your board with the pictures in the spreadsheet .
You could also take a pic from both sides of your board and upload it here so we can tell which version you have.

On T3_V2.0 (no board marking screenprint) : IO0 should be the 3rd pin counting from the reset pushbutton.

On T3_V2.1 (labeled T3_V2.1.6) : IO0 should be the 3rd pin counting from the small ipex antenna connector. (Its connection diagram on TTGO’s Github page is still faulty and IO0 pin is often labeled as GND next to the board, while the silkscreen print on the board correctly shows IO0.

On T3_V2.1.7 (no board marking print) : IO0 is the 4th pin counting from the SMA antenna connector. I only have a picture of the T3_V2.1.7 board LilyGo sent me:


Thank you for the help. Here is the board.

Third pin from reset looks like it’s 3.3v?

Have you tried pulling this one to GND with a button or jumper? image

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That appears to be a TTGO LORA32 v2.1(1.6) of which I own two. Once the correct firmware is loaded (firmware-tlora-v2-1-1.6-US-0.9.1.bin, or the appropriate country version,) pin12 pulled to ground will toggle the screen, wake up, etc. I added a button.


Thank you @thomslik, that did the trick! Proper range testing will be so much easier now.

I appreciate the help from everyone else too. Great support here.


Great you managed to get it working !
I didn’t have an actual picture of a 2.1.6 board with the modified screenprint (20180606 vs 20180606). I’ll add it to the spreadsheet

Modifyed an existing file to add a button hole to the rear of the case