A few beginner's questions

Good morning!
So, yesterday, finally my LillyGo package arrived and I started tinkering. Most of the issues that came up I could solve with a little trial and error and the documentation. There’s still a few questions left which I’d like to ask.

Device: T-Beam 1.1 M8N SX1262
I let it run over night, connected to my phone, to get an idea of the battery endurance. In the morning, the app couldn’t connect to it. After turning BT off and back on on my phone, the connection worked again. I suspect, it’s a BT bug in my Ulefone Armor 3T, but just in case, I wanted to check if that might yet be an issue in Meshtastic.

Device: TTGO LORA32 V2.0 (no GPS)
I set one up with is_router = true. It actually is supposed to be a mobile router and already got its rugged case with a 2P 18650 holder. The device is going into sleep after like 20, 30 secs and only wakes up for received radio then. It didn’t transmit any “hello” packages for the whole night. My tbeam says “last seen 12h ago”. As far as I understand the docs, even in router mode it should still wake up every now and then and transmit a mesh hello package and its name or shouldn’t it?

I couldn’t find any mention of auth credentials in the docs and the code also doesn’t seem to implement any auth. Is MQTT auth on the list? Just wondering.

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I think in router mode it only sends out a location every 12 hours but it doesn’t transmit anything else unless you are transmitting to it.

MQTT is very early and still very much being worked on :slight_smile:

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That explains a lot. I suppose I misinterpreted the documnetation for the router mode then.