Noob question, will this board work?

I ordered some tbeams and a non-GPS board from aliexpress but my impatient American self found these on Amazon with prime and I want to confirm that there is a firmware version available for it before I purchase them. I’m a novice in this stuff. Thanks in advance and thank you for the development of this project!

yes that board is supported.

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Can confirm, I have two of those, they work fine.

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Thank you both. I have two showing up tomorrow and then the fun begins! Lots to learn!

Well, I have two up and running meshtastic…but i cannot get them on the same channel… I have the screen up with the QR code on my device but I cant share it with my other device. There is no camera option to capture the QR code. I am sure this is extremely simple but I am struggling lol. I tried typing a channel name into both but they each change (add letters, etc.) to the channels independently. I am clearly missing something.

Just reload the bin and leave them on the default channel.

Perfect, thank you. They’re both listed on the member list now. Text messages still aren’t going through, I’ll tinker some more.

Edit: the text was coming through on the radio itself but not on the app. I tried a different phone and it came through. I guess my olllllddddddd Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t work.

Yeah it will. My newest Android device I’m using here is an S6Edge. I’ve got 2 S4s and an S3 working too. I had to install Lineage on the older phones to get less-that-ancient Android versions there (I couldn’t get Android 8 running on the S3, but 7 seems to work OK). I still get some odd bluetooth connection quirks, but those have seemed to get incrementally better with each device and app update :slight_smile:

That’s one of the devices I use with Meshtastic. It works with the latest versions of the Android App from the Play Store.

Thanks for the info, I will have to mess with it again. So now I have 2 nodes running and 2 phones connected. I had it working last night (messaging back and forth), but now one has a cloud with an arrow pointing up when I send a message, and at the top of the app it says device is sleeping, the connections page says device connected, but it is sleeping. I tried hard reboots but it’s just so sleepy! Kind of odd that as soon as I power a board up and connect via BLE that it says it’s sleeping.

Edit: its definitely the interface between the app and the radio because the radio itself is receiving and displaying messages.

hmm - what is the version number you see for the android app? (in andriod settings / apps / meshtastic )

It is version 0.9.90. Interestingly, since the Galaxy s6 works per others on here I tried it too and got the same result.

Well, I gave it one last go, and now its working. In settings on meshtastic it says pairing completed, starting service (never said that before) and all messages are going through now.

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