Lora with texting GPS from Spectrum Corp

Hi Anyone tried these: https://www.tindie.com/products/dlspectrum/lora-texting-with-gps/?mc_cid=16b0313e2d&mc_eid=01e25bf1a7.

Not available in UK and not much detail - Spectrum Corporation website does not help. I cannot find the phone app!

Kind of cool.

Looks hand made.

If it is using the same system on a chip as existing supported devices it may be easy to add support.

Even at 1.40 $/GBP the price looks a bit too much for me especially given the technical spec is rather thin. I cannot find the phone app on Google Play or Apple which is also off-putting. But maybe they will add more details - seems very prototype like (hand made fits well).

Tbf the documentation doesn’t mention an android or apple app, instead it appears to be accessed by the web browser.

Ah yes - thanks for this. I rather skipped the documentation - I was fixated on an app and details of the battery on board.

I have two of these.

Works fine.
Factory made.

Messages have acknowledge feature and led also used for acknowledge.

Nope, over web browser standard of esp 32.
Messages remain stored in devices

Can be connected to external scripts via tcp

Thanks for the info. I left a request on Tindie to be notified if they can ship to UK. How did you manage to buy two? That would be more attractive to me! Thanks again.

The new one has some upgrades, like gps.
I had a long discussion with developer for these features.
Like app access, map and gps.

So I got two of them earlier.
These set of three is new listing.

If you don’t get the set of two DM me, I will try to arrange for you.