Meshtastic Firmware 1.2.52.b63802c alpha

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Full Changelog : v1.2.50.41dcfdd…v1.2.51.f9ff06b

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This video you mention
“It’ll be in the firmware version out next week. The IP address will be on the device screen”
reading that reply u was assuming to scroll to a new 5e or 6e (extra) screen that show the IP, but understand correct, still need to turn it on manually like other FW versions?

Meshtastic Dev Demo - Online Web Content Updater - YouTube

The way to configure IP on the device hasn’t changed. The demo showed the new online web server content updater.

Hmm… that needs a better name.

Mistake from me, sorry i was wrong
there was small hoops the IP visible and a simple mouse click activated the web interface setup.

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Just what I noticed so far:

  • The small bug related to nodes showing on map is gone now, seems to work every time (previously it needed a browser refresh after clicking on Nodes)
  • Sending messages (web-if) works, but still no confirmation of successful transmission - the sent text keeps flashing forever… I know that confirmation is not actually the end point’s confirmation, but at least is an indication that some nodes are hearing me :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your efforts getting this better and better.


In browser chrome I notice some bugs in the way the nodes are displayed on the map.

In fw-1.2.50 the information about a node was displayed and not visable in nightvision

In fw-1.2.52 that seems to be fixed now but the popup shows the text ‘Popup’ and no information about the node.

filed a issue for this on github meshtastic-web

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