Meshtastic Device - 1.2.48 Alpha

New Meshtastic Device - 1.2.48 Alpha

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WiFi Admin mode doesn’t seem to be working. The LCD display shows the correct Wifi info page and settings, but none of my computers/phones can see the SSID from Meshtastic (T-Beam).

I notice the same problem. However if you set the node to connect to local wifi you can access the web interface.

Yes, Wifi client will connect. But my device only returns a blank HTML page when queried by a browser. IP/static returns 404 not found.

That means the web files were not installed. Did you use the install script included in the firmware download?

I just found a race condition which makes the WiFi admin not always start up. This will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for the report!

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I used ‘’ since I was updating an existing Meshtastic device. Guess I should use ‘device-install’ instead? I was following the install docs and didn’t seem apparent I need to use ‘install’ instead of ‘update’. Will try that.

Have this problem in Andriod and firefox, chrome, for me webinterface only work laptop in WIN10 Chrome browser. Hopes this help

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