Device Firmware Release - 1.2.47 alpha

Lots of changes since 1.2.46, hope I captured everything!

What changed:


Hi Great news! Just a quick question - what is the python CLI to activate is_always_powered. It is not in my list of commands under meshtastic --help. I tried a few variations on this name but could not get it to work! Thanks.

It is probably --set and it needs 2 arguments. If it does not recognise the arguments it will list the valid ones. Try passing the letter x as argument:
meshtastic --set x x
and it will list all available options.

Hi thanks for this - yes I do get a long list, much longer than --help and really useful - lots of commands I did not know existed! But no always powered. I have just checked on Discord and there was a conversation that suggested the command has not been added yet.

The command would be meshtastic --set is_always_powered true, but I believe we’re still pending on the updated python package being published. So it’s probably not aware of the new user pref yet.

Correct. We’re working on getting the new python build out soon. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot. Appreciate all the work needed to get these FW’s out there - sorry I did not mean to rush you.

MC, please see my last comment on #111 on Github. Thanks!

Want to do it anyway, you’ve provided great encouragement. Cheers!

Could you link me to it? I checked Changes to support the NRF52 by geeksville · Pull Request #111 · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub and don’t see comments from you.

No, on Meshtastic-python, not -device.

Ahh, I see it now. We’ll need someone else to review and/or submit a PR. My python skills are nearly noob level.

Oh, I think you can handle it!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :slight_smile:

For you, no charge!! :smiley:

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