Meshtastic Device 1.3.38 alpha - Public Preview

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Meshtastic 2.0 Launch Planning meeting yesterday!

We have a new release for 1.3 today! This is release is a big leap forward in Esp32 bluetooth stability and message ACK fixes, along with a bug fix for BME/BMP-280 sensor usage on the telemetry module.

Reminder with the 1.3.x builds: Things are still new and moving fast. So have have fun and break things! As always, please let us know what’s working well or any bugs you encounter in the form of a Github issue or a comment in this thread.


It works!

Finally got two way communications! I’m elated!

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When do you plan to up the meshtastic-python version to 1.3 in pip?

There is actually a pre-release of the 1.3 version in pip right now, if you run a sudo pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic --pre.

It is still pretty limited and has potential for bugs, but you can run some of the essential commands like meshtastic --set lora.region US to set a region for instance and get started on the default channel.


My first impression with TBeam and Android having 1.30 app is that connecting to TBeam takes quite long time when the node is chosen from the list of nodes. The initial coupling goes fast and it could be even that the problem lies on the side of Android as I cannot see any packets coming to TBeam when I observe it over serial-line == console output. Otherwise the connection runs quite stable.

I have noticed that 1.3.3x wipe the data on upgrade, even from other 1.3.3x upgrades. That might be intentional.

oh thats way easier then installing from github…

Correct. There have been some breaking protobuf changes that have required resetting the device state to avoid issues.

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