Meshtastic Device 1.3.42 Alpha Release

We have a new release for 1.3 today! This release features an ESP framework upgrade prominently among other things.

If you encounter issues between version upgrades, try the following:

  1. Clear bluetooth pairings on phones
  2. Run device-install scripts to install instead of device-update, due to breaking filesystem changes
  3. If you set anything from the python cli, ensure that you have the latest --pre release installed
  4. Ensure latest builds of mobile apps are installed
  5. If you encounter a bug you want to report, please try to get serial logs if possible using meshtastic --proto

Are there any such changes from 1.3.41 to 1.3.42?

Get it on F-Droid
Download at]
Reminder: 1.3 software does not work with 1.2 and vice-versa.

Play Store production will stay on 1.2.67; only testing track is 1.3. To join the testing program:

Android app UI change: Reboot / Shutdown / Factory Reset moved to the Nodes tab


Yes. There was a partitioning change for esp32 devices.

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