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Full Changelog: Comparing v1.2.47...v1.2.49.5354c49 · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub


My test of latest firmware and Android app.

3 Devices: 1 TBeam, 2 TLora32
All freshly flashed and sitting within 2ft of each other.
Medium Slow mode

TBeam sees all nodes. Sending text, nobody receives it.
TLora 1 sees only TLora 1 and 2. Sending text, all nodes receive, even the TBeam.
TLora 2 same result as TLora 1.

For the Heltec ESP32 (V2.1) the battery stops charging at ~ 3.65V.
The battery indicator is showing only 2 bars.
A lithium battery should be charged to ~ 4.2V for a full charge.

Is the FW coded to stop at 3.7V instead of 4.2V or perhaps it has the code for the TTGO device which may have a different voltage divider?



We have no control over the charger on that board. Sorry.


I think this is the thread that pertains to this issue.
So perhaps it is the different voltage divider ratio than the TTGO?

geeksvilleGreat contributor

May 9

oh sorry! I just noticed this crucial comment here:

Additional context
Manufacturer did not documented battery recognition mechanism. After search and test here what we have:
battery_pin = GPIO37
ratio of voltage divider = 3.20 (R1=100k, R2=220k)

No battery detection in heltec devices

opened Mar 26, 2021

superjasiek superjasiek

Describe the bug Due to lack of battery recognition and voltage reading hel

Which I bet explains the problem you are seeing on your board. I think I’ll have to make a HELTEC_V2 hwmodel and use different R scalings (and different GPIO) for the board you have.

Yes I think that will do the trick.
Thanks for your support.
This is what I measured with a 1100mAh battery connected that is fully charged.
LCD display shows B3.72V 48% Two battery bars.
GPI37 ADC1 reads 1.286V x 3.2 (for the voltage divider ratio) = 4.11V (Actual Battery Voltage)

Monitoring the 5V USB input current I get:
Display On Not charging ~ 69mA
Display Off Not charging ~ 64mA
In Sleep mode ~ 29mA