I can not connect to USB!

Hello all,
I am new at this device, I have purchased 2 x LILYGO TTGO ESP32, both of them shows only ID protocol with a 6 digit numbers with a 0 and RX0 TX0,
I have connected the device to a USB port but nothing is happening, no sound, no Com port appears on the Device Manager in the Window.
What did I do wrong here? Help please, Thank you all.

That’s SoftRF.

You can flash Meshtastic on to your device. The instructions are here: Flashing ESP32 devices firmware | Meshtastic

There’s a new GUI flash tool here too: New cross platform firmware flashing tool

It may appear in Device Manager once you install the driver (linked from the above page)?

Hope this helps.


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Hi Simon,
Thank you for your quick reply. Actually, the problem was defective USB cables, I had 2 x USB cables and both of them were defective!! As soon as I used the 3th one I could connect to the PC :slight_smile:
New problem!
I have tried to flash the device, but every time Meshtastic Flasher shows this: User does not want to flash

Ah yes - I wondered about that. Possibly charging only cables?

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The flashing tool is new. It may be worth replying to the thread I mentioned above. This one: New cross platform firmware flashing tool

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Hi Simon,
Do you know what is the best firmware for my devices? I have flashed a few firmware of:

but no one is working well till now! I wonder if I have flashed the wrong one!

When you say it’s not working well, what do you mean? It won’t install? What happens?

Or do you mean it installs OK, Meshtastic runs, but you have problems with it?

I would suggest you need to install a file that begins ‘firmware-tbeam-’ EG ‘firmware-tbeam-’

Don’t use a firmware for any other model. Also, don’t use the one that has 0.7 in the name (eg firmware-tbeam0.7-

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Hi Simon,
Many thanks to you, I could finally install the right firmware, now I have to learn to set up the devices, etc.

Excellent. Have fun!

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