Gulfport, Ms nodes?

Anyone else in the Gulfport, Ms area? I’m outside the city but working on trying to build a resilient mesh network so we can have comms after a hurricane.

Side note: anyone have tips on how to approach businesses with large buildings to ask about placing a node on their roof?

I have a few up in Ocean Springs and adding more. There is also a guy from Latimer, I think that is putting up nodes in Biloxi and Latimer.

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Sweet! I’m hoping to get some regional nodes setup on high points in the area, hopefully we can get some more people in the area and start getting nodes setup.
I’ve got some lilygo devices in hand and am working on designing a solar node.

I have a couple of solar nodes up now but, waiting on some Wisblock for more. One Gateway and rest repeaters and clients. Are you on the map?

Nice! Nope, haven’t put them on the map yet, they’ve been moving depending on the day and my brother in law and I have been doing testing both up in lizana and down in Bay St. Louis with the same nodes.
My brother in law and I have been talking about connecting them to the internet but haven’t done it yet.

So I started putting together my prototype solar node to start testing if the single panel will be fine, I also got in contact with Harrison county emergency management as well as the owner of the 150’ tower off of county farm rd that is leased to Mississippi power/911 and am trying to find out more about putting a device on a tower without costing an arm and a leg. My goal is for this to be a resource for the community, essentially “emergency radio”.

That looks like a Heltec Lora 32. They are very power hungry. I had one that I tested with a 6w/5v solar panel and 6 3000mah 18650 cells and had it up for 3 weeks of testing. I t did pretty good even with some cloudy days and rain.

Now, I am testing a Wisblock with 1 3000mah, and a 3w/5v solar panel. It is amazing hasn’t even come close to dying.

I also have a Wisblock with 1 3000 mah, and 2w/5v solar panel and it too is doing great.

Also testing a Wisblock with 3 3000mah, and 6w/5v and it is doing fine.

Also just started testing Wisblock with 1 3000mah 19650 with no solar panel to see how many days it will run.

That would be awesome to get some on towers and water towers. The higher the better.

I have one up on a pole outside and can reach the guy in Biloxi at the the Beau Rivage. That is 8.5 miles.

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I don’t have any of the belted devices, not yet anyway, the one in the cage is a Lilygo V1.3, that has the SX1276 chip, and the other devices I have are the lilygo T3S3 with the 1262 chipset.

I just took apart some old battery backup packs and will be using those 18650’s for cells.

How high is your pole? Most I’ve gotten is a little over 2 miles but that was up here in lizana and it’s a bit hilly.

My place sits at about 25’ and my pole is about 25’. That is the one that connects to Biloxi which is 8.5 miles. I hope to find some places close to the waterfront and higher places but I don’t know many people around here to talk to. I would also like to find some places in downtown Ocean Springs. I run a gateway at times which connects all over the world/US.

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