GUI Install for Windows and Mac

So I am not at all proficient with the likes of command line, Python, pip etc. I did manage to get the firmware installed on a couple of TBeams using the guides however I came across a tool that has worked for me and is dead easy in Windows. If anyone else is after a quick and easy install method give my instructions a go. Keen to know if it works on Mac too. If it is acceptable I guess I can post it to the Github somehow.

Bloody awesome project going on here! I’m impressed with the community and work going into it, especially @geeksville!

GUI Install

  1. Download and unzip the Meshtastic firmware release .zip -
  2. Download ESPHome Flasher (either x86-32bit Windows, x64-64 bit Windows or Mac) -
  3. Plug in the USB of your hardware and open ESPHome Flasher.
  4. If your board is not showing under Serial Port then you likely need to install the drivers for the CP210X serial chip. You can check by searching “Device Manager” and ensuring the device is shown under “Ports”.
  5. If there is an error, download the drivers here, then unzip and run the Installer application -
  6. In ESPHome Flasher refresh the serial ports and select your board.
  7. Browse to the previously downloaded firmware and select the correct firmware based on the board type, country and frequency.
  8. Click Flash ESP.
  9. Once finished, the terminal should start displaying debug messages including the Bluetooth passphrase when you try connect from your phone (handy if you don’t have a screen).

Wow! That looks super great. Are you familiar with how to do a pull request? If so, would you mind editing in the git repo to add your new finding? Possibly by just adding a new second for “# Installing with a GUI” and change the old section to “# Installing from a commandline”.

Never a better time to learn! I’ll give it a crack.

I just tried out the gui on two different TTGO T-Beam and one seemed to work fine. The other seems good except the gps has a :frowning: but they do both connect to two different phones.

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That’s good to hear. My GPS seemed like it was a bit sporadic too. Not sure if it is possible to upload fine but something isn’t quite set the same as when uploaded manually via CLI. Would be good to have a few more try it and provide feedback. Thanks for giving it a go.

I found this a good option for the less cli inclined person! -

Also this for markdown -

I tried flashing manually via cli and I get the same results even with a erase_flash. So I don’t think its the gui causing issues.

Good to know. My GPS was working better today. Not sure the provided antenna is much to write home about though. Might swap it out for a 25mm ceramic one.

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yeah I left both on the second floor of my house near a window and the second one now has a “GPS: ok”. I took the antenna off before hand and reseated it. But I did notice it had a garbled screen after a reboot but seemed find after another reboot. I think its got some weird hardware issues going on.

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Is the function to update the firmware from Bluetooth on the phone implemented?
I checked the device code release announcements and task dashboard, but I don’t think it has been implemented yet.
I would like to confirm if it is just my problem.

It isn’t implemented currently - I actually turned it off back when there were bluetooth bugs (it turns out in the device side code). I bet it will work now, so I’ll turn it back on this week and test.

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any progress on this issue?

Maybe worth mentioning that pushing the log button will block the com port for flash.
Took me a while to figure that out, kept getting com “port can not be opened” error messages, despite clearly being connected to the board.

in esp home flasher flash, and log are 2 separate functions, and cannot be used simultaneously.

These instructions are a bit out of date with the latest being kept up to date here

The debug baud rate was changed from 115200 to 921600 so ESP Home Flasher no longer allows viewing the logs. Instead a terminal like PuTTY is the best option.

You would happen to be able to program in Python? Anyone familiar with Python? GUI Install Improvements

Also, device code can be updated via Bluetooth from the app. Pretty cool!

How? i can’t find any mention of it in the app (I have alpha test app) :thinking:
That would be awesome, can you update remote nodes also? :astonished:

No I am not familiar with python (yet) but I am learning (maybe) :thinking:, now that you mention it, I see there is a difference between the info displayed by ESP and by terminal.

Strange, I’d expect the change in baud rate would completely block the output from ESP, but that doesn’t happen, so I thought it was working…

I did find the correct baud rate in another post, so the gui method worked just fine, as long as I keep my fingers of the log button in ESP