Help with T-BEAM Install

I had bought this:
Followed this steps here:
So, plugged the device into my machine. I get a flashing blue light. I have the device drivers installed, but it never comes up in the “Ports” under device manager. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hopefully someone who uses windows can help, but yeah - the device should show up as a serial port.

Are there any settings I should click on the board itself? Or just literally plug it in?

I tried another one as well, same result.

hmm - I bet windows doesn’t have a driver for the serial chip in the tbeam.

Can you try installing this:

And report back?

All…was incredible bad luck on my end. I had tried TWO usb cables when I wrote that post.

I grabbed a PS4 controller USB cable and tried it…WORKS!

Moral of the story, make sure your USB cable works with data.



I use the ESPHome-Flasher-1.2.0-windows-x64.exe program to see which port it is on, and then connect via putty. I have 4 config files saved on putty that range from com1 to com4 as the com port number can change…

As well I look for the OnPassKey 6 digit number for the bluetooth pairing. One of my devices was, and is, very picking on providing the OnPassKey, and the other provides it. The two boards I have are the same, but work differently. Oh and the OnPassKey changes on one of the boards occasionally as well.

It takes some work but I can get both boards to work, and they each have a different personallty. I have to bring up the two boards up in a specific order, even though they are the same, and have the same software load.

They do work well when they are working and worth the effort.