Anyone familiar with Python? GUI Install Improvements

The GUI install tool we use is pretty handy and I’d say it has allowed a lot of people to get Meshtastic installed in quick time. I reckon it would be sweet to Meshtasticize it a little. Perhaps if you know Python you might be keen to fork it and take a look.

The main changes I see that would be handy are:

I’m no programmer but I did dig around and found where the baud rate was set but from that point, I got no idea! I’m sure it would be trivial to the right person.

Just a thought anyway.


Just another thought. A stretch goal could be to incorporate some of the app functionality for messaging, settings, maps etc. Be handy for those of us with only one phone!

I think this is a great idea and not a not super huge amount of work for someone that has some python experience.