Google Play android app removal status thread

When i go to Google Play Meshtastic is no longer available. Does anyone know where i can download to sideload it.

Edit by @geeksville: For anyone new to this issue, here’s what’s happening and a temporary workaround to install the APK manually:


You’ll probably getting better support and bugfixes if you download the APK from the GH official releases
I would download the latest stable version, if it helps :smiley:

Ok this sucks. I have people that have these and dont have the skill to download it anywhere else.

Ya what’s up with that? I literally just updated it yesterday or the day before…

Why was it removed?

thank you ringzer0dev that worked. It was there thursday when I updated it as of now still nothing.

Sorry ya’ll. Google just removed the app due to a policy change about location permissions. Ugh. I guess this goes to the top of my queue (I’m back programming on the project part time this week). I’ll need to clarify this with them (with the help of some android friends)

For the time being go here:


ok - from looking a bit more I think an automated rule incorrectly flagged the app. I just sent an explanation I should hear back within two days.


For me i just got the apk and installed it, and thank you for replying back. I like how goggle and others chop and change T&C’s and expect most dev’s to stay on top of it is impossible.


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An update: I filed an appeal using their semi automated system. But I also heard back from a couple of friends in google engineering - if the automated thing doesn’t work he’s eager to chat with the appropriate human manager on our behalf. So I think everything will work out (though it will take a few days).


for reason I have no idea there’s no longer an app meshtastic for my oneplus in the AppStore

anybody care to give helping hand how to get the android binary on my device again?

thanks in advance

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I’m temporarily making this thread sticky. Here’s the current status (I’ll also edit the post by @domserious71 to include this link):

Update: Google says that they can’t undo their removal until we add a new dialog box they now require and make and submit a youtube video (ugh). So this now goes to the top of my queue (sorry everyone who are waiting on the router improvements). Realistically it will take me a week to make these changes and then I assume their approval process might take a couple more weeks…


I’ve updated the (previously rarely used) Amazon appstore listing. For now, that will be our recommended place to install the app from. It will take a few hours for amazon to update their store with our latest binary (the same 1.2.31 version which has been on google play for a few weeks).

New download links here:

Bloody app stores!

Will you release new firmware with fix #811 before the new app?

Else I’ll try the continuous integration builds, as my nodes are currently offline due to that bug.

or you could use F-Droid ?


I was going to suggest this as well, but per the inclusion policy on F-Droid:

  • We cannot build apps using proprietary tracking/analytic dependencies like Crashlytics and Firebase. Please talk to upstream about an untainted build flavor (either using a FLOSS analytics software like ACRA or by removing Non-Free dependencies completely).

geeksville already considered this, apparently.

So that’s a big no-go – Crashlytics is very useful, and F-Droid does not permit it. Same for mapbox – some of the code would need to be re-written to use another map provider, like osmdroid. Moving away from either will take time away from other tasks.

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re: fdroid
yep - I would totally take a PR from someone else if they want to contribute it. But, mapbox was super easy and self hosting ACRA sounds like a PITA. :wink:

Oh sure no worries - spitting out a new device build is easy. I’ll do it tomorrow.


Ah, having never actually published an app I didn’t realise the hoops needed to be traversed

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