Android app - new releases!

0.2.1 is (finally) out. It has a lot of improvements. Uploaded to google play just now. Tonight I’ll build and upload an APK to gethub.

Also. Google just told be there are now 83 people in the alpha test group and 163 people registered as beta testers. Wow! Analytics shows on a typical day there are about 30 active (and anonymous - we only get counts per country) users.

  • Bluetooth connection problems and initial device bonding problems should be fixed now! (yay!)
  • Beginnings of a live map view, it will get much better soonish
  • Next release will fix the infamous “app says disconnected bug

Full list of changes:

Direct APK access here (but if you can access google play it is highly recommended to get it there):


Fantastic work , I’ll get on to more testing with two phones. I was wondering how location would be exposed.
My planned use case is finding and communicating with friends at festivals after we’ve split up to see different bands etc, cell towers get overloaded and you dont get data and even sms is heavily delayed.

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Thanks for this fantastic news, because I was struggling the last 24h and was going to prepare this morning a summary of my findings after testing 2.0 on all proposed boards.

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minor hotfix 0.2.2 - based on (rare) automated crash reports last night - out now in play store. Not crucial to update, but I wanted to get it out there to prevent more reports. I don’t think I’ll bother making an APK for this release on github, because late this week(ish) another more substantial update is coming.

0.2.4. Lots of good fixes, up on google play and in the github releases directory.

Two main ones:

  • Bug #4, calling the device disconnected when it isn’t really is fixed.
  • The map view now auto zooms to default to showing all of the mesh members
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oops - just got an autocrash report from a Moto Z user where the mapview crashed. Oops, my map scaling stuff broke if you only had one node in your mesh. I’ve made a fix and it will be in the next release.

0.3.0. Definitely you should upgrade (but I changed a lot so might have made new bugs)

This release is a big change with a lot of improvements. But first “story time”: Originally when I made this app (a couple of months ago) I used the new hotness for Android development “Jetpack Compose” (from Google). Alas, that release is still a little to bleeding edge and some things (like the new map view) just weren’t going to work right until they fix a few things.

So I bit the bullet and de-composemotized our app. I’ve changed it back into a regular android app, and I now build GUIs in the oldschool xml way. This was a PITA, but I think you’ll like the results:

  • I was getting auto-crashes reported via analytics deep inside the compose libs, those are gone now.
  • The look and feel is much nicer, I’ve gone for a modern Material Design theme.
  • Channel sharing now works, if you click the share link you will get back a special URL that you can send to others. If anyone opens that URL they will be asked if they want to change their radio to that channel. No longer do you have to stay on the “Default” channel (encryption is related to channels, but I’ll put that in a different post)
  • The map view is now more fully functional
  • You can now change between any meshtastic radio in BLE range from the settings tab
  • A few more bluetooth connection issues are straightened out

Post in the forum if you have problems (or file a bug). You can get the app on google play (or if you can’t access google play, then on github).


Awesome work, the app is looking great!

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awesome. have tot try that out !

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0.3.2 out now. Thanks everyone for your help!

This is still an alpha, but I’m throwing caution to the wind and releasing it to ‘production’ on Google Play. So people can now download it without joining the beta or alpha test groups. I’ll be only pushing ‘stable’ builds to production after they have been around in alpha/beta for a couple of weeks. So if you are an active forum member, you’ll probably want to stay in the alpha/beta test groups.

Major changes:

  • @CycloMies: Contributed Swedish and Finnish translations.
  • @Eugene: Contributed Russian translation.
  • @Ohcdh: Contributed Irish translation.
  • Fix a couple of autobugs reported from app crashes. In particular someone with a Galaxy 10 tablet found this this bastard. Hopefully this change fixes it.

Full list of changes:

0.3.4 released to alpha and beta test groups:

New translations!

Major changes:

  • @CycloMies: Contributed Swedish, Finnish and German translations.
  • @eriktheV-king: Contributed Dutch and French translations.
  • @Eugene: Contributed Russian translation.
  • @Mango-sauce: Contributed Chinese translation.
  • @Ohcdh: Contributed Irish and Italian translations.

Full list of changes:

0.3.5 a quick release with a couple more languages and fix a few autobugs reported in google. I probably won’t bother making a github binary apk release for this version because I’m busy for the next few days doing disaster-radio merging on the device code (and turning mesh back on).

I’ll do full release notes when I release 0.3.6 of the android app probably late this week.


Looking good! I like the new layout. I can now freely pick which node to connect to which was difficult before once paired, I was going to ask for that, in a scenario where you all start off together then go your separate ways its an important feature. I thought the map wasn’t rendering at first but it was zoomed in so much that roads etc weren’t visible. I will also try my wifes chromebook again, previously when you hit enter it just tut a carriage return in the message instead of sending. If you see an asus chromebook in your analytics is me!


0.3.9 a quick release to (hopefully finally this time) fix an autobug that was showing when some people click the change channel button.


0.4.4 released. But I wouldn’t bother upgrading. There will be a new release tomorrow (I hope) that fixes a big bluetooth problem some phones have.

Changes in this release:

  • messages are now stored persistently in the phone app db - so messages work the same even when not connected to the radio
  • fix a few github reported bugs
  • fix a variety of autobugs
  • new Russian strings from @Eugene

If there is an update, I must have it! Nice work.

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0.4.7 is out. Please everyone try it (though it will take a few hours to show up in google play).

This should be a pretty good release. I think I’ve fixed all major bugs. There is a possibility there is still a bluetooth device comms issue that affects a few models of phones. If you see something not working, please click report bug and then post in a “bluetooth comms” thread on the forum.


Dear person with a Z2 Pro phone. Sorry - I busted something dumb. Pushing out 0.4.8 so it will work again for you.

Dear person with a Nexus 5 sorry about the problem you encountered, I just put in a change that stackoverflow says will help with your particular phone :wink:

The last couple of days have been way better with stability. Yesterday had 80 people using the app, with only a couple of crashes. I think this commit will hopefully bring the number of failures down to zero (finally). I’ll push it out tonight (California time).

0.5.4 The app has been pretty solid the last couple of days, with a lot of reported usage and no automated bug reports. This is a quick release to fix two things that have been bugging me:

(I’m going to be working on device code the next weekish so the android app should be stable for a while)