Helps us get back onto the Android Play Store -- Volunteer Video Producer Need


We’re in talks to get back onto the Android Play Store and one of the things that is being required of us is to create a video that demonstrates Meshtastic and why we need location access.

The team on the video will be you, me, @AndreK and @geeksville.

We’re software developers and not video producers/editors, so help here would be really appriciated. Would you be able to lend a hand?

Details of what the video will need to cover is here:


I will be happy to help with this project, PM ya and will gather what is needed. I have some ideas and ways to demonstrate this.


Thanks mate!

If anyone else would like to join to bounce ideas off or help out, PM me and you’ll be included.

I make commercial videos and would be happy to help. Got a bunch of TBeams and TLora that just came in, so just in time.

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Please join our Discord chat. I’ll invite you to the channel. Not much has really started, just baseline info shared.

We’re in #android-video. When you get in, send me a direct message and I’ll give you access to post to that channel.

Incidentally, with Meshtastic devices having internal GPS, why does Meshtastic need background location data (from the phone)? This feels like a problem that could be solved without a video…

Not all meshtastic devices have a GPS and when used indoors, not all stand alone GPS enabled devices can get a GPS lock where a phone can use multiple location sources.

Fair enough, side question (related to topic): Is there a mechanism to prioritize Mestastic Device GPS over phone GPS, and to disable any phone-side location data? If so, documenting this would demonstrate measured use of location data, which I think would please the PlayStore reviewers.

smartphone GPS data is only used if you enable “Provide location to mesh”.

location access is a two step process, so you need to grant the permission AND turn on location services (enable the GPS icon) so any app can access location data.

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