German need help

my name is mitch. I have 2 x
TTGO T-Beam V1.1 ESP32 868/915 Wifi boards an I have problems with the connect between the boards. I have choosen different firmeware 1.0.0 until 1.1.5. Every time I choose the t beam 868 firmeware. I think I do nothing wrong. I don’t understand… Maybe the community have ideas… Srry for my bad English :smiley:


Quick checklist:
1 are you using the GUI esp home flasher flasher, and does it connect with the board?
Obs do not touch the log button, that feature is broken

2 have you used the correct firmware version for your board?
( should be firmware-tlora-v1-EU865-1.1.4.bin), unzip the files before installing.

3 do you get any errors during flashing?

4 after flashing, quit the esphome utility, open a terminal (I reccommend Termite) set it to 920600 baud, 8,N,1

5 does it connect to the com port the ESP hom flasher used?
6 Reboot the board, and check the terminal window for error messsages, Anything showing up?

7 Try another USB cable. This is too often the problem :wink:


  1. I use the esp flasher and yes the connection is alive
  2. No I use the firmware-tbeam-v1-EU865-1.1.4.bin… It should be the right one I think… Not the tlora!?
  3. No errors during the flashing
    4.-6. i can’t find any errors in the terminal.

And than… Please talk about the function… I have to modules and 2 smartphones I have connect each smartphone with the module but on my oled display nearly in the middle their is a info 1/1 but their are two modules… Everything is okay I have 8 satellites

#default gateway

i 7738

Next pages…

My battery level B3. 49v 0%

Lifetime 12h 52 min

Mode 3 (I don’t know what it mean)
And my coordination

So the connection between the first t-beam and the second don’t work… Simple to say… The lora doesn’t work

Welcome @Miph2905!

You shall share the channel settings, when you have created a new channel. This is for updating the encryption key (PSK), and other channel settings, for all nodes on your new channel.
You can share the channel by scanning the QR-core, or by sharing the generated link (channel URL).

If you use the method of sharing the URL, be sure to open it from an APP (Signal, Gmail…) on your second phone. Unfortunately, the link will not work, if you write the link directly to your browsers URL field (as Android does not recognize the URL as a specific Meshtastic related link).

Ahhh… I have to connect the tbeam boards with the app on the smartphone? In the discription was written that I don’t need any smartphone

Strange… after a fresh firmware flash, they should be on the same “Default”-channel. Did you send a message, or did you reset the devices? Then they at least should show one “device joned”…

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If you just want to receive message and read them on the built in display, or use them to send your locatiion to another device possibly see distance between parties, no you dont need to use a mobile.

If you would like to send a message to another device you will require the app to type that message. Or perhaps connect it to a single board computer to send values to a mesh.

Yes an this point doesn’t work… Device joined not displayed and do…

They have the same channel… I check it all with my friend an he is connected with one and I connected with the other… But nothing appears on the display only on the display we connected but nothing on the others one

Based on your picture they are both on the same channel name. When you joined that channel, did you manually change the name on both devices?

Or did you share the link and use the link to join the second to the encrypted channel.

This is required because the channel is encrypted with a unique key. Simply creating the same channel name will result in 2 different unique keys.

I am not familiar with joining a channel over the serial terminal. Perhaps someone else would be able to explain that process. This would eliminate the need to link the second device to a mobile.

I have share the qr code to my friend… We don’t unname the Chanel with 2 same names

I have order the 865 but the chip names 433 maybe that’s the problem

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I was just about to ask if both chips had the same frequency printed on them. If they are different they are talking at 2 different levels and wont see or hear each other

The same on both chips

I might have missed it above, but did you flash with 868 version bin file? If so, try reflashing with the 433 version

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What is the function of the buttons?

1x reset - reboot
1x io 38 - change the page
1 x long time pwr - shutdown

Other functions? Maybe discovery mode or something else?

The same problems like before