T-Beam with SX1262 App/Firmware Issues

Hi All, when I first received the board I flashed it with the flasher but when I connected to the app it said I needed to update the firmware. Before doing that I explored in the app a bit and noticed I could not make changes to the channel.

I went ahead and updated the firmware but I was still unable to make changes to the channel through the app even after the the firmware update. After doing that I saw a day or two later that there was a new version in the flasher so I plugged it in and went to flash it. I was asked if I had 1.2 or higher and if I said yes it failed to see the T-Beam. If I said no I could see it and flash it back to the latest load through the flasher program.

What am I doing wrong here?

What version are you on (you can see by pressing the reset button)

Often these ship with 1.0 versions and the flasher utility will not auto recognize your board. You can flash these boards with the install scripts after downloading the firmware or choosing the right board in the flashing utility.

If you updated to the latest version I don’t think you are doing anything wrong?

They have now but the app wants me to update to 1.3.17. I update over the app but it doesn’t unlock the ability to set a channel and after doing that the flasher doesn’t recognize it when I answer yes to the 1.2 or higher question. If I say no I can push the 1.2.65 back on it.

Humm yeah you definitely don’t want any of the 1.3 releases! They still have lots to catch up and will eventually be released as 2.0 for clarity.

Stick to 1.2.65 for now. 1.3 doesn’t work with the flasher yet IIRC.

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Thank you for the responses kalestew. Are the T-Beams with the SX1262 radios supported by the app at the moment? I guess this is an opportunity to learn to work with the CLI either way.

There are no 1262 radio specific issues with any of the apps.

Hi @garth, any suggestions on how I can get them operational? I cannot input/create a channel with the current load in the flasher nor the update the app asks me to make.

Thank you

Are you having issues flashing your device or configuring it?

I have been able to make it a bit further. I updated to 1.3.17.c9822de over the air as “forced” by the app. I say forced but it doesn’t actually make you update however most of the app is non-functional if you don’t take the update. After the update I was able to somewhat manipulate the channel page. I am able to unlock the channel to make changes however if I attempt to scan a channel from another working unit I receive this message immediately on pressing the scan icon and prior to any scanning “This Channel URL is invalid and cannot be used”. I decided to send the URL via an external messenger to the phone and when I click on the link I am taken to “Error: Something happened” page in my browser. I wanted to rule out permission issues on the phone so I connected the T-Beam to a known working device and it states I need to update the app and to see a hyperlinked docs page. The link takes me to an error page. App load is 1.2.64. I have not updated it yet on the other test device because the pair in question does show all of the appropriate permissions and I am afraid to break one the working pairs.

Looks like I wasn’t supposed to do the OTA BT update according to the github page.

I uninstalled the 1.3.17 and installed the latest non pre-release (1.2.67) but I am back to being unable to unlock the channel.

Updating to 1.3.21 allows me to unlock the channel but scanning does not work. Same issue as before. The app is asking me to update from 1.3.17.c9822de (which was done OTA) to 1.3.21 OTA.

Don’t use any of the 1.3 firmwares. Stick to 1.2.

If the channel screen is empty in the Android app, reboot your T-Beam. That usually solves the issue and makes the channel screen populated.

Beyond that I wouldn’t change the channel. Leave everything as default. All new devices will default to the same channel, and therefore they’ll ‘just work’.