Flasher: "Does the device currently have 1.2?

Despite the broken links on the Getting Started page, I found the Flasher exe and installed it. After “2. Detect Device” it asked me what version of Meshtastic is on the device. How can I know?

On the T-Beam, I pressed RST and briefly saw “1.0.0” in the top right corner of the display. I assume this is the Meshtastic version number, so I answered “No” and when it finished its further gyrations, I pressed “Flash” and it popped up a progress window which printed many things and seemed to stop at “Hard resetting via RTS pin…”.

I’m guessing this is when it wants me to press “OK” – I’m nervous about interrupting a flash since I know that makes bricks. It would be good to add a line, “Flash successful. Press OK”

I agree with your suggestion to be more verbose in the flashing process, especially through the new GUI flasher.

I believe the flasher is just concerned if you are below 1.2 because older versions require you to specify the firmware for your board. This is why there is the popup showing the different device types.

I imagine the vision is to abstract most of this and come 1.3/2.0 this will be mostly hidden from casual users.

I thought the popup window with the images of the boards was a very nice touch! I was pretty sure which board was mine, but the images ran off the bottom of the popup, and there didn’t seem to be a scroll bar, so I grabbed the top edge of the window to shrink it, and the window vanished! When I clicked on the main flasher window it beeped at me because the secondary window was expecting an input despite being invisible. No amount of Alt-Tab, etc revealed it.

I ended up killing the flasher while praying that it wouldn’t brick it, and restarting the flasher. The second time I didn’t try scrolling the popup window and just clicked on the most likely image. It worked. Whew!

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That hard resetting line means the flashing is done, the device should reset at that point and boot to meshtastic.

I recognized the “Hard resetting via RTS pin…” line from my experience with ESP8266 programming, but was a little nervous about making a brick. Thanks.

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