Basic questions from super noob/ first time flashing firmware

hey guys,

I’m a super noob please forgive me!

windows 10

I’m trying to flash my TTGO LORA32 board for the first time. I have esp flasher running, I downloaded the chip drivers, I selected port COM3 and double checked that my device manager shows the device at com3.

What file do I select for firmware? Do I go into boards and select one of the options there? how do I look up my board type?
when I flash with the nrf52840_dk I get this error:
Unexpected error: The firmware binary is invalid (magic byte=7B, should be E9)

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated also If someone wanted to post reading material about the super basics ( vocabulary, concepts etc. ) that would be great too.


A picture of the board, or link to where you bought it might help us figure out what version you have if you don’t already know. Also need to know your region / board frequency.

Did you download this file?

The zip file you attached is the one I flashed to the unit.

I am in us and use the 915Mhz.

You should unzip the zip-file. It contains a number of bin-files. The bin-files are firmware for different boards. I guess you want to flash the one named firmware-tbeam-US-0.9.1.bin to your board.


Ok I got it now. I had downloaded the wrong zip. once I flashed my correct bin file it worked.

Thanks for the help.

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hello guys; i’m newbe about flashing firmware on boards like T-Beam; for mine, I always used Arduino IDE, that starts from a +.ino file to upload.
I should try Meshtastic firmware for my T-Beam V2 868 MHz, but I cannot manage the files.
Any help? Thank in advance
Alberto IZ0DZX

Hi Alberto, welcome to the community. You can use the pre-built binaries and GUI described here

Or have a go at building from source using PlatfotmIO described here

Let us know how you get on.

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The esp flasher program has worked well for me.
This thread has all the details you should need:

I think that is the same information @dafeman posted a git hub link to :slight_smile:

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