First time Heltec install

Hi mesh community,

I have got two T-BEAMS sorta working on the latest firmware. So hooking up the TTGO’s to my PC exposes a COM port.

What’s the skinny on the HELTEC? I’ve just bought two of them, installed batteries am charging one and have the other installed on my PC.

Do these have to be commissioned via bluetooth from their stock firmware? Does this group have a startup guide for Heltec n00b’s.



I installed Meshtastic on the Heltec’s just like the T beams. Using ESP home flasher.

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So my Heltecs don’t show up as COM ports to flash in ESP. Do I have to hook them onto my WiFi and again how do I potentially commission that?

Anyone know what stock ROM these come with?

Hmm try a different usb cable. Also if you are on windows or osx you’ll need to install drivers (see the readme)

Yep USB cable was a bit stuffy. Woo Drivers - better check these thanks GV