Firmware for TBeam V 1.1

Hi all,
Which firmware should I choose for a T-beam module “T22_V 1.1” (LoRa32 with sx1262).
I downloaded Beta firmware last beta as well as last Alpha but in one as in the other of these two .zip files I only find files for tbeam0.7 or tbeam1.2.
What choice do I have to make? (if one of the 2 matches!)
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

check the “Firmware file” for your board version:

T-beam 0.7 is an older board missing many of the features of the contemporary V1.1 models.

tbeam1.2xxxx is the firmware you are looking for as the V1.1 models are just called tbeam in the software.

firmware-tbeam0.7-1.2.60.ab959de – Old Tbeams
firmware-tbeam-1.2.60.ab959de – V1.1 tbeam

same builds :slight_smile:

thank you, @Andrek for this quick answer :slight_smile:
As recommended firmware file is firmware-tbeam-1.x.x.bin … so tbeam-1.2 is ok.
Sometimes life is simple :partying_face:

Thanks too @kalestew :+1: